Friendly IG (2nd at Brighton SC)

maxey 1756

Basically Hink IG but with a couple of new cards from the marshal law. I picked this deck up a few days before the tournament and fell in love with it. This is a very fun and interactive deck, as well as a very strong one. I felt with a lot of the games, I lost them purely because I was not a good enough pilot. The list could probably use some more tweaks. I cut an ice and Im not sure if that was correct.

These are the main deviations from the standard list:

Friends in high places- This card is insane. I wish I could run more, but I dont know how I would find more influence. I dont need to explain why this card is good in this deck, its insane asset recursion. My favourite play with this card was installing a hostil and breaker bay from hand, then last click using friends to recur another hostile and breaker bay, sealing the lock.

Enforced Curfew: Perfect current for IG. Your main reason for running currents in this deck is to kill strike or rumour mill, so this card costing 0 is huge. It is also a fantastic combo piece, I got a couple of kills from just rezzing a ronin with this in play to get a dedication ronin kill. Not being able to blank whizzard is a little sad, but I think this card has so much more utility across the board.

Diversified Portfolio: Not sure if this is correct. I found that I really struggled to be on 5 creds to hedge. somtimes even just gaining 1 or 2 credits from this is fine given how poor the deck is. I might try going back to hedge and see if I just need to pilot it better.

This deck is really fun to play and you will absolutely wreck anyone who is not prepared for it (mentally). It struggles against good players but there is so much scope to make clever plays if you are prepared to learn it I believe. I have not even scratched the surface of what this deck can do.

18 Dec 2016 moistloaf

Very friendly would friend again 10/friendliest

19 Dec 2016 NetrunningAmok

I've been playing around with a Friends in High Places + Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions deck myself, although it is a bit different (wasn't based off Hinky).

Your build looks strong as well. I never played Hinky myself but it looks super fun.

Personally, I would drop a Vanilla over the Cortex Lock. Vanilla buys you time, but CoLo can straight up win the game, either alone or with a follow-up. I once got a cheeky kill by throwing an early shock behind one. :) Also, I feel like FHP partially fills Jackson Howard's role of recursion while the Sensie Actors Union help with the draw and agenda flooding. I would strongly consider dropping a JHow or 2 for more FHP. If you are feeling ballsy you could even drop all 3 JHow so that you could go back to the 2 GFI. By removing JHow's shuffle effect you would also make SAU's "bottom of R&D" effect permanent.

That's my advice; do with it what you will. Sweet list though. Cheers!

19 Dec 2016 FREDPI

Love this deck, and have played it alot. I agraa with @Gilgamesh_KoH on maybe dropping 1 JH. This said you should never drop all 3, the main power of JH is the draw more cards, not to suffle back the agendas.

Money is in my experience not a problem, I would even consider dropping all the money cards. The most expensive win combo is 5 credits.

Some tips/advice I found playing this deck:

1) Spending 2 on a PSI game is in most cases the right call. 2) Yellow cards are the best card (no suprise here). 3) I would put 3 crick in my deck

19 Dec 2016 maxey

Thanks for all the advice. While Jackson is a super important card in this deck, I can see the argument for going to 2. Especially when you can tech startup for it. Ill experiment with making the list more friendly.

21 Dec 2016 rojazu

How important is it to have 2x of Dedication, Hiro & Pavillion?

1x dedication would free up influence for friends & food. 1x Hiro/Pavillion would free up the slots for more friends.

How much would this hamper the consistency of the kill plan?

21 Dec 2016 maxey

Dedication ronin is how you win games the vast majority of the time. I think hiro is an essential part of the combo, especially now you can use it with enforced curfew. pavilion could probably go down to 1 of, but its really nice when you have to start grinding down your opponent and getting a lock. Could be worth experimenting with.

27 Dec 2016 thebriarfox

Would Celebrity Gift be a consideration?

27 Dec 2016 maxey

@thebriarfox I have considered it. Im worried about the amount of information it gives the runner. They arent gonna be very scared to run remotes after a celeb gift with no psychic fields. That being said I imagine one gift would set you up for the whole game so maybe its worth testing.

29 Dec 2016 stoppableforce

I will say on the whole Jackson vs. FIHP thing, anecdotally, I was on 2 Jackson in IG49 at GenCon, and when I lost it was never, ever due to a lack of Jackson Howard's draw or shuffle abilities. (Mostly it was due to getting wrecked by Medium due to a low ice count and the fact that multiaccess vs. IG49 has nothing to fear other than a shock here and there.)

12 Jan 2017 dormio

How does this not get destroyed by Temujin + Medium?

12 Jan 2017 maxey

With difficulty

13 Jan 2017 nungunz

Have you thought about trying to squeeze Clone Suffrage Movement in to recycle FIHP?

Any thoughts on one or two snares or a CVS to deal with medium digs?

13 Jan 2017 nungunz

Sorry for the double post.

Temujin wasn't out when Dan won with Hinky (I think). How do you deal with repeated EStrike and Temu? Not to mention Sifr Whizz will now be a thing.

The Clone Suffrage for Diversified, Enforced Curfew, and FIHP is seeming better and better. Without it, recurring your assets looks like it would be trouble.

Thoughts on the above and any possible changes with Quorum?

15 Jan 2017 EnderA

This is mostly speculation, but I think the most important thing is being as fast as possible. Using ┼×ifr sort of helps you: you can win with just Chairman Hiro + Dedication Ceremony + Ronin, or 2x Bio-Ethics Association + Dedication Ceremony + Ronin (assuming you don't hit I've Had Worse with a Bioethics.)

That makes finding Dedication Ceremony a very high priority, which makes Sensie Actors Union more important than Clone Suffrage Movement, I think. I'd just go -1 Jackson Howard, +1 Friends in High Places.

Unfortunately, you have to hope they don't have Sports Hopper to counter the burst turn.