enkoder 854

⚠️This deck has not been approved by SBL and WILL get banned ⚠️

I've decided to publish this meta defining deck before worlds because it's unethical for me to keep this m o n s t e r secret knowing what it will do to the unexpecting field of Netrunners. It's like having a chipped military grade Sandevistan and everyone is just rocking weird metal hands? Just not fair.

So what does this "seemingly" dumb and fragile deck do? It backs the runner into a corner and gives them a simple choice -- do you want core damage administered via your face? Orr do you want meat damage delivered via a flashy and infuriating show performed by the house cleaner? Who is this person in your house and why are they killing you? We'll never know but they did come in by boat.

So what can the runner do? Well, they can ignore the dumpster fire forming in Server 1 and try to win off R&D like daddy Lat showed them, but in reality (or whatever world you think you're in), they should just scoop to save the embarrassment of calling a judge over to confirm that you have an advanceable ice on the board and that they are in fact, dead. Just like I said.

So, chooms, with this post, we'll get to see what SBL is made of. Sitting atop their Arasaka tower do they have the initiative to hard ban this broken interaction that has been lying in wait? Will the world realize what kind of monster I and this deck has become. Once you wield this amount of power there's no going back. Only road is the one forward. The only destination is the one where your mind snaps, you lose it. Cyberpsychosis they say. If that's the cost... I'll pay it.

27 Sep 2022 mr_pelle

I was brewing a similar list, but this is pure gold! Kudos to you!

27 Sep 2022 TyrellCorp

Sorry, you seem to be reading the cards now and that is an automatic game loss.

27 Sep 2022 Diogene

I really enjoyed the write-up and its reference to Cyberpunk. Some questions for you, before Cyberpsychosis takes over :

  1. Why use 3x City Works Project instead of 3x SDS Drone Deployment? Considering you do not use Punitive Counterstrike, having SDS Drone Deployment in the slow cooking remote would better?
  2. No Svyatogor Excavator? Why?
  3. Which edgerunner would be a bad matchup for this exquisite deck?

Thanks for sharing chooms, this is preem!

27 Sep 2022 enkoder

@Diogene glad you got the references! 1) City works is there to hopefully win the game when the runner takes like 4 core dmg. 2) You need to run single remote here so you don't die to pinhole threading. 3) any edgerunner that knows the combo or slots caldera and/or citadel. Fortunately they are tech cards no one plays lol.

27 Sep 2022 enkoder

Other inf I was running for a while was -1 Cerebral Overwriter, +1 Spin Doctor, +1 Sprint , -1 Hedge Fund

27 Sep 2022 Kagolskab

Looking at the deck list I noticed something, that I have not thought about before.

Some of the cards talk of "advancement tokens" others of "advancement counters". I guess they are the same thing, but I am not really sure.

Does the advancement counter from a la costa work with reconstruction contract?

27 Sep 2022 Scrub!

La Costa Grid and Reconstruction Contract both work together. La Costa says place an advancement counter, and Reconstruction Contract just says "move any number of counters".

"Advancement tokens" are the same as "advancement counters" and the templating should be updated to only use "advancement counters". It looks like most of the newer NSG cards are updated to this new terminology. But those are exactly the same "things" being talked about.

27 Sep 2022 Kagolskab

FFG cards only use advancement tokens (I think) Ashes cycle has a mix of advancement tokens and counters, but from SG it looks like only the counters are used.

I just had not noticed that change before now.

28 Sep 2022 tantale

I don't know if I understand what this deck is trying to do. Specifically, are you trying to accumulate counters on a Recoco so that whenever a remote run succeeds you pop Recoco and move the counters on a card that you just installed with the Ob trigger of Recoco?
If that's the case, don't you need to declare the Recoco target when you pop it, so that the counters cannot go on the new card since it hasn't been installed yet (unless you find another way to install it first)?

28 Sep 2022 Bl4nk3t

Isn't the biggest problem with ReCoCo that it is not allowed to be advanced by itself?

Wouldn't that also mean that it is not a valid target for Audacity?

So I don't see how you have a ReCoCo with counters on it the turn it is installed... unless you had a naked Azef installed already, which you can fast advance with an Audacity, for one measly advancement counter on the ReCoCo I guess. Which I would consider a tall ask.

Alternatively a non-bypassed, three-advanced Akhet in front of the remote may help on that front too, but setting that one up is pretty slow now that Dedication Ceremony is no longer Standard.

ReCoCo is a valid target for Seamless Launch or La Costa for sure - but not on the turn it was installed (in the latter case - barring Ob tricks with

  • Excavator (which you suggested not playing) and any 2-Cost card
  • or a Marylin ticking through which would take 4 turns and cost another influence).

PS: don't forget you can just start scoring CityWorks Projects in unprotected remotes, once you already have a loaded ReCoCo, since you threaten to move the advancements when they commit to access (barring a Citadel Sanctuary or an imho underplayed Whistleblower ).

PPS: on the possible runner counter cards side besides the already mentioned Citadel Sanctuary, Whistleblower and Pinhole Threading, I think Apocalypse bears mentioning.

28 Sep 2022 nbkelly

Not brave enough to Big Deal our recoco?