Fastest Drago in the West

tehepicwin 139

This is my all-in Drago Ivanov kill deck. It all started during a discussion with THE BOIZ about Drago in Azmari. I saw Backroom Machinations and thought, "Wow, this card sucks." As a result, I took out Backroom while leaving in BOOM! for the kill combo, and replaced Backroom with Echo Chamber. Then, I realized, "Why am I trying to score out when I can just kill?" As a result, I took out Echo Chamber, put in Seamless Launches, maxed out on BOOM!, and went to town.

This deck kills very quickly. I'd consider turn 8 to be the upper end, and kills on turn 5 are quite easy. The idea is that you gearcheck the Runner as hard as possible, IAA Drago, then Seamless Boom the next turn. You can also NA, triple advance the next turn, then kill without Seamless. If they manage to get in, you hopefully slam dunk with Hard-Hitting News or at least prepare another Drago in the remote. If the Runner intends on playing a fair game, they're totally doomed. It's not feasible to get out breakers quickly enough before Azmari has the full combo ready, and even if they manage to get in, HHN kills them.

The ice suite can be optimized more. Hydra may be better than Tollbooth in a world with the boat, and Jua isn't good anyway with anarch on the decline.

This deck will definitely not be very good once the meta is solved. NISEI has decided to print paid-ability speed anti-boom tech for every faction, and Pinhole Threading is one influence. The boat also massacres this deck, because it relies on gearchecking. This is also not to mention Steve decks doofing the living hell out of you. It will be a good thing that this deck fades into irrelevance, because dying to a combo like this is just not fun and sucks to play against no matter what.

22 Jul 2022 dnddmdb

Looks like a fun exercise in extremes. Honestly I wonder if something like this could be tweaked and be a little more resilient. I would believe it!

22 Jul 2022 Crunchums

NISEI has decided to print paid-ability speed anti-boom tech for every faction

What does Anarch have? There's Marrow, but that's not instant speed (or easily thrown into whatever). Or do you just mean No Free Lunch and Stoneship Chart Room because they're only 1 influence?