Second Best Botanist

pouchsurfer 212

Second First Best Botanist

With Wu banned, Ayla becomes one of the best IDs to play World Tree in.

This deck resembles the old Wu, but we cannot afford a 60+ deck size. The main thing we want to get with Tree are economic resources, and breakers. Stoneship Chart Room and No Free Lunch are Tree fodder, as well as an almost empty Daily Casts or Telework Contract.

With Ayla's ability, you want to set aside as many as you can of 3 types of cards:

1. Ways to get the Tree out

  • World Tree. Duh.
  • Self-modifying Code makes you a less optimal, +1 Wu.
  • Test Run makes you a much less optimal, more expensive Wu, but also doubles as recursion if rig shooting is online. Having it out of the deck is great since you never really want to draw it until you really need it.

2. Fast Economy

3. Silver bullets

  • Pinhole Threading: you only have one copy of it, use it sparingly.
  • Test Run: see above
  • Misdirection, although sometimes it's nice to pull it out with tree in a pinch, after recovering from HHN. If you do host Misdirection in a matchup where it's relevant, make sure you end your turn on 4 to be able to afford drawing Misdirection from your ID, installing it, and using it to clear tags.
  • Mayfly: it's quite nice to be able to summon the fly á la Wu when needing to contest a remote early on.
  • Cyberdelia: this helps when you need MU, which you do when you're ready to be all set up. Otherwise, it just fills your hand. Since we don't have ways to tutor it with Tree, we don't need/want it in the deck.

Things you DON'T want to host on your ID