Whizz Fizz - Australian Nationals 2015 Winner

Dazm0 614

This deck went 3-3 in swiss and then 5-0 in Double Elimination giving me the win! :)

It's my take/update to the Anatomy of Anarchy deck that was floating around a while back.

This deck wants to come out of the gates strong, make the corp spend as much money as possible and Account Siphon the rest. Using Whizzard's ability to get rid of any Assets that will help them recover.

The deck is very Event heavy which is what you'd expect from a deck thats going to float tags.

Getting an early Account Siphon can really change the game, you can sometimes go 5 Siphons in and you've only seen the one being recurred.

Hacktivist Meeting works, shuts down Asset economy (Combined with Whizzard: Master Gamer's abilty) & also helps deal with ELP.

Inject works well, sometimes it gets the one program you were after but thats why you have Déjà Vu (That and recur Siphons ;) ).

Wanton Destruction is just awesome! It deals with Butcher Shop, Grail & hurts an agenda flooded hand. I could almost put Whizzards finals performance down to this card alone.

Console of choice Desperado kicks ass.......... Der......... Trash a Pad Campaign for free? Yes please.

Plascrete Carapace is the 46th card, I would love to cut it but with all Butcher shop going around its a must.

Even though the deck floats tags whenever possible John Masanori does wonders, it helps keeping pace and it rarely gets trashed when you're tagged.

The breaker/program suite is pretty standard.

D4v1d is there pretty much only to deal with Turing, but it also helps with Tollbooth.

Knight gives you early the access to the early Siphon, Wanton & also helps you check for possibly harmful ice that Mimic or Yog.0 can't deal with.

Cards that I'd change?

I've considered switching Hades Shard for Utopia Shard & I think that if Butcher Shop stays dominant I will make the change. But Hades just works with every deck using Jackson and and with Wantons firing and all. I love letting 'ignoring' an unprotected Jackson Howard just to steal a win from archives!

I've also considered dropping to 1x Desperado in order to get a Gordian Blade as one of the worse things that can happen to this deck is getting locked out of HQ with 2x Lotus Fields. But the deck wants Desperado working ASAP & the amount of games it wins without installing a code gate breaker is crazy.

I love playing this deck, its a little chaotic but thats half the fun.

I'm keen for any feedback or questions anyone has!

Lastly thanks to Good Games for hosting the event and Everyone who was involved it was an awesome 2 days that I will never forget!

22 Aug 2015 Dydra

No DLR ... No Vamp ... what anatomy of anarch is this?

23 Aug 2015 Dazm0

@Dydra I was playing Data Leak Reversal through store champs but switched to Medium as it ended up doing alot more work for me.

23 Aug 2015 Scud

Doppelgänger > Desperado in this deck. That has been and always will be. Otherwise, looks great.

4 Oct 2015 beknirvana

Thank for posting this. I made a few tweaks (Faust in for Knight, Film Critic in for Hades Shard, and 1 of the Wanton Destruction in for a 3rd Inject to fuel Faust) and took it to a summer league tournament. The deck went 4-0 on the day and was a lot of fun to pilot. Nobody saw that Account Siphon coming out of Anarch, so HQ was usually lightly defended until that hit. You were right about John Masanori, he did work and was only trashed once all day. He also contributed a lot to the Faust fuel, and helped me dig for a better braker so I didn't kill myself running a low hand.