🥖 Rhyebread CTM (1st at Tallinn Store Champ)

AxWill 285

Tweaking the deckslots

Not a lot to say here, this is a Finnish variant of the same list. Credit goes to Jakuza for the original list and nbkelly for Lady Liberty and TechnoCo. Compared to nbkellys list, I prefferred 2nd DBS and Exchange of Information over 3rd Mumba Temple and Mumbad Virtual Tour.

The basic strategy and description is already covered in Jakuzas writeup, so I offer my five cents on the card choices.

  • I think 2x DBS is the right choice as it gave me tons of value on the day. On the other hand no one ever trashed it so it might not perform as well if runner contests the board more aggressively.

  • Exchange of Information didn’t help me on the day, but does feel like a card I’d rather have than one to go without. Still, probably the first card to cut, if one wants to try something else.

  • Mumba Temple. Two felt like enough, but runners tend to trash these, so third can help to stick one longer.

  • Mumbad Virtual Tour. As always, a great CtM card, I’d love to have. Just couldn’t find the slots.

  • Lady Liberty and TechnoCo. These helped me tremendously on the day and did some heavy lifting whether by actually working or just being forced trashes. 10/10 would play again.

  • Amani Senai. Before tournament I was considering one could be enough, but decided to go with two because Bellona and Cyberdex Sandbox give higher traces and there is synergy with Aryabhata Tech. Didn’t test with 1x, but I was always glad to see the first copy early. Next time I try to remember to rez this... :P

  • Jeeves Model Bioroids. These did help making some shenanigans possible that were not otherwise available. Usually either scoring Bellona turn earlier or playing HHN when MCA -scoring Cyberdex Sandbox or using Lady Liberty. Still, I’m not one of those persons who scores cyberdex naked hoping your opponent does not either steal it or trash jeeves meanwhile. If you are braver than me, you might want three, but I think the basic gameplan of MCA + Lady Liberty would be strong enough even with 0x.

  • Predictive Planogram. I was suspicious about this card before the tournament, but now I’m a believer. There is always a need for either credits or cards and getting what you need and when you need it is a key to good plays.

Overall this went 4-0 (Steve, Hoshiko x2, Adam) and my runner went 3-1 on the day.

Quite a lot to say considering I had ”nothing to say.” I think my runner list for the day warrants more discussion with even fewer card changes so feel free to check it out.

All in all I had a great time and it was amazing to actually play live Netrunner since who knows how long. Thanks for everyone!

13 Jun 2022 Pawndawan

Congrats on the win and thanks for the insightful writeup and links to the other deck versions.

15 Jun 2022 Jakuza

Congrats on the win and thanks for the shoutout!

15 Jun 2022 Cluster Fox