Jem Jem - Worlds 4-2

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Curious about that Jemison that never won on stream? 😆😭

This was my first year of competitive netrunner. I’m proud of my showing at worlds and I’m excited to share my decks and thoughts as they are outside of the general meta.

So why did I decide to take Jemison to Worlds? There are a few reasons. First of all, during our testing this deck felt good in general with a similar power level to Ikawah Sports. More importantly, I was expecting the top runners to be Big maxX and Steve (Adam was a nice surprise). Big maxX and Steve both play a control game. They win by having enough money to threaten your remote and HQ; any extra credits are spent on a soft R&D lock. They decrease your options to zero and their win is inevitable. Even if a runner sets this up, Jemison can still casually score out, while the runner more and more desperately tries to find agendas, and you just keep using Atlas counters to move them from safe in your deck to safe in your score area :D

I wouldn’t have played this if I was expecting HHM or Clot.

This deck is built to score out fast and effectively. There are tons of FA combo pieces in this deck and Atlas counters are so powerful with these tools.

General Strategy

First: Some Ice and Money (15-23 Credits) Limit one TBTF

Next: Objective is to score any agenda so you can start comboing with Oberth Protocol. This is usually a Hostile, but a 3/2 from the board or with Dedie+Recoco is great. If you can get your first agenda to be Recoco+2x Dedie Atlas, that basically wins you the game right then, but this doesn’t happen too often.

Next: The priority is Atlas counters. Try to Oberth Protocol an Atlas. It’s best if you can do this from the board or with a Red Level because this will give you 2-3 Atlas counters and 3 = win >95% of the time. Don’t worry about trading a scored Atlas for an Atlas with 2-3 counters :) Don’t risk your Oberth Protocol on the board if there is a good chance the runner will trash it. Oberth Protocol behind ice is fantastic, but don’t hesitate to just combo with it in the open if you haven’t installed ice proactively. If somehow the runner can’t trash the Oberth Protocol you easily trade one Atlas counter for Above the Law. Note: Steve often thinks leaving Oberth Protocol rezed on the board is ok when they DoF you to zero. Just use an Atlas counter for Hostile and credit > instal > advance > score. This is really powerful because it breaks the credit lock and your second Hostile can be a GFI or Atlas with a Oberth. In general, don’t use an Atlas counter to score a Hostile unless you are desperate for money, or winning with it. At this point you don’t need to worry about Bad Pub anymore.

Next: Make sure you have a plan in mind, you have to know what you need in order to win. Which agendas the runner steals will determine the way you will need to win. Don’t worry too much about the runner stealing agendas from HQ or R&D: you can usually win faster. It is almost impossible to win without Atlas counters; this is the whole reason to play Jemison. So use your counters to get more counters, try not to spend them unless they are part of a plan.

Try to close with a Hostels or GFI. It is possible to score GFI with all pieces in hand, but exponentially easier to score with 1-2 counters. The two combos are: Red Level > Recoco > 2x Dedie > Install GFI (worth 3 points) or Red Level > Oberth Protocol > Install GFI > RFG Hostel > 2x Advance (worth 2 points)

Pol op is public enemy #1, but the game is totally still win-able. Let the runner Pol Op an Oberth while you still score something useful off the Rez + RFG. This can be a GFI with Red Level, Recoco, and Dedie.

Some examples:

Here is an example of Jemison just popping off with solid draws. Thanks for the ggs @plural Replay

Here is a really close and exciting game vs @analyzechris. Worse draw, but some solid luck. This happened to be the only game I scored out without any Atlas counters. Replay

Card includes: Audacity 1x lets you score your last 2 points with one Atlas counter. I almost never use this in any other way as you don’t want to lose Dedie, Red level, Recoco. It is worth mentioning that audacity with Above the Law can make some early power plays and if you can hit a Liberated, Touring Wheel or other high value resource take it.

Red Level is effectively a 1 cost biotic labor in this deck you can play for amazing temp if you have two in hand. The amount of times I have Red level Draw 2 + Click > Red Level Draw 2 + Click > Hostile > 2x Advance > Win is wonderful!

Money, Spent on DoFs vs crim and as much ice as possible vs Anarch.

I original had Rashida, but it became apparent that keeping R&D as strong as possible was very important.

No Clot. . . No CVS

I want to thank @theking and @Radiant for helping me theory craft and test this deck. I would also like to thank everyone in the Seattle meta; their encouragement and diverse pool of decks has really improved my skills in the last few months! Thanks to NIESI and all the players for such a wonderful Tournament! See you all next year.


24 Nov 2021 Cliquil

Congratulations on your first year of competitive Netrunner. Well done both on finding one of the coolest IDs in the game in my humble opinion! Also well done on making a meta call and it paying off.

24 Nov 2021 CryptoGraham

Dude, I had no idea you were bringing this! This is such a brilliant idea - you made Titan Jemison. Gratz!

24 Nov 2021 Sanjay

Crushing this hard with Jemison and 55 card Wu makes you an absolute hero in my eyes. This deck seems well suited for an on-point meta read, so good on you.

Thanks for what you are doing, thanks for publishing, and I hope you keep at it in whatever way brings you the most joy!

25 Nov 2021 maninthemoon

Thanks Everyone!!

29 Nov 2021 Donald05

That’s what I was looking for, what a information! present here at this website, thank you admin!!


3 Dec 2021 Sedatedfork

Jem is truly truly amazing.... truly truly amazing....