The Brazilian Anvil (16th at America Continentals- 4/2)

Quercia 277

Acme kill is an old archetype. Since I rather blow runners up than scoring I half-baked this deck before the tournament and it turns out it performs really well.

The plan is simple, make money, instal ICE and wear the runner down by constantly threatening a score in a big-ass remote. Acme's ICE suite just melts the deepest pockets sooner or later. Hit them hard with bad news and then drop the hammer (or an anvil if you feel thematic).

Thanks to the new agenda flood mitigation options you can safely burry your undesirable points (most of the time) and wait for the right time to finish the game with fireworks.

One notice though. Games with Acme are rather simple and straightforward but also slow and boring. It takes a toll on the timer and makes it for grindy tournament experiences. So, if you like fun, fast-paced games, this is not the deck for you! Other than that you have a very good matchup against most runners.