Argus Inquisition

Algebraic 885

An updated and much improved version of a Mwanza Argus deck after feedback from the archetype expert @osclate. I wanted to play Argus one more time before rotation and really it was a bonus that the deck performed well going 3-1 (6th in Swiss) at Reading CO.

The new addition Azef Protocol helps the deck race to 5/6 points early to put the pressure on the Runner and gives another way to turn off a Mwanza City Grid. At this point, the chances of a double Snare! kill in HQ or landing enough tags with pointless agendas like Standoff for High-Profile Target improve massively. Getting an Project Atlas counter is very important to threaten fast advance scores, while also being able to get another Snare for a big HQ access. There is only influence for one Hard-Hitting News, but it keeps the Runner honest early game and can still be a nasty surprise after a large influx of money from a Mwanza access.

The deck when 2-1 against big MaxX when even the loss was surprising close after losing 6 points on an early Mwanza access. It was lucky to win against Az on Clot preventing a fast advance win sitting on 6 points, but a previously unseen Snare did the trick.

3 Jul 2022 Baa Ram Wu

No body expects it!

(Except for me - I ALWAYS expect you to be on Mwanza Argus)