[Standard] Arissana☆Beatriz ~ 69 at EMEA 2023

Tyranda 25

Standard (The Automata Initiative) deck, built for the 2023 Continentals.

Trying my hand at deckbuilding Shaper with Automata Initiative ! Arissana is so awesome, i'm really excited to give her and her cards a try :D

Started by looking at every available card in Startup format, then gradually trimming down while centering it around core cards, then adding stuff from Standard. Still very much a work in progress !

Three important cards that i couldn't NOT include : <3 Beatriz Friere Gonzalez <3 LilyPAD <3 AirbladeX (JSRF Ed.) <3

Urban Art Vernissage is central to the deck of course, turning the free trojan install of Arissana into an economy engine ! I might be playing too many events to take full advantage of that though ^^'

Bahia Bands works wonderfully with this, after seeing how cool it is i could never remove it !

Joy Ride was arguably a mistake, there was one match i got to play it on turn 1 and it was awesome, the rest of the time i drew it while R&D was iced so i couldn't count on it to draw me my breakers... I'll make it work next time !

For icebreakers, Gauss and Umbrella are the only two non-trojans, i did not see any good non-trojan killer but i love Living Mural so i will rely on it :) low number of copies since i imagine Simulchip and Self-modifying Code make up for that.

The hardest part is definitely keeping the influence below maximum, there are so many great cards in Anarch and Criminal that would definitely fit here !

The Twinning works well with Urban Art Vernissage as well as Beatriz. The fact Twinning charges only once per turn means having only Urban art is enough, but i added Prepaid VoicePAD as well. Gachapon is great for all the programs but also helps with Twinning :D

Ended up cutting a lot of cards from other factions to stay within the influence limit. Viruses and Trojans of course synergize great with Arissana, i am most likely playing way too many trojans but i'll still try it !


Post Tournament Thoughts :

I had such a fun time playing this :D

It wasn't objectively very good though haha... Right before registration ended i panicked when seeing i was still on 60+ cards, and cut a lot of it at the last minute, including Diesel which turned out to be the biggest missing piece in my opinion. The struggle to draw into my breakers meant for many games i simply could not get into ICEd servers T_T

I don't really have the knowledge to see what i should change from this decklist, but here is a small write-up of the games i played ^^ Total score : 1 win - 5 losses


Round 2 - Corp split vs mr_pelle (The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated) (2 turns) : with 1 minute left on timer when game starts, i fail to find any agenda on turn 1, and Corp scores a 2/1 agenda on turn 2.


Round 2 - Corp split vs wowarlok (The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated) (9 turns, 5 runs) :

strong money start with Prepaid VoicePAD and double sure gamble. Outfit builds a scoring remote with 2 ice which i avoid all game. I facecheck a Winchester and spend all my credits against the traces + trashing Too Big to Fail. I spend too many clicks and turns drawing cards, Outfit makes a lot of money and scores with Big Deal. I lose all my cards on a last ditch R&D run and steal a single agenda, leaving the corp to easily score with Audacity.


Round 3 - Swept by Minstrel (Asa Group: Security Through Vigilance) (9 turns, 7 runs) : i set up, they set up, i run repeatedly into hurtful facechecks, they easily score.


Round 5 - Swept by KNT_HLZ (Asa Group: Security Through Vigilance) (8 turns, 7 runs) : Joy Ride on turn 1 feels very good :D but i don't have enough breakers to get into the scoring remote, and they easily score out.


Round 6 - Sweep vs TheRobin (The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated) (14 turns, 14 runs) :

lots of click for credits cause i can't play Sure Gamble, then lots of click for draws, the Corp gets rich. Finally a game where i draw my breakers, Living Mural beats Trebuchet and i steal multiple agendas from centrals. I run out of money, but after some very precise maths i win with Conduit.


Round 7 - Corp split vs Terrificy (Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel.) (16 turns, 18 runs) :

i play decently enough for once that i get to 6 agenda points, but all the ice from Ob is a lot. I get completely locked out of servers by Border Control and can only watch the Corp score out.


I had a very good time at EMEA, and even though i was a bundle of nerves due to it being my very first big tournament, i'm very happy with my nice result :)

Many people brought Arissana Rocha Nahu: Street Artist this day, but everyone played different builds which was cool to witness :D

Thanks a lot to everyone i played with, and looking forward to future events <3