Hydra (30th at Euros)

Melyr 30

I took Adam and AgInfusion to my first Euros, both going 4-3 for a surprising 30th place. I've always liked AgInfusion but with Mti and E-Strike everywhere it never really felt viable. The latest MWL was a godsend, thanks a ton Nisei. I've been playing a lot of different builds, usually with a more glacier style, but when I tried the Questing Hydra deck that went 4-1 at SoS out I had a blast, toolbox style decks are my kind of fun as I love having multiple ways to win. The only changes I made were swapping a Celebrity Gift with Rashida as in testing I found I rarely had enough cards in HQ to benefit, and TPR became CST to make up for having less economy. CST did work but I don't think I ever fired Rashida. I heard some people saying that it's a bad idea to take slower decks to long events due to exhaustion but if you remain more alert than your opponent you can use it to your advantage, I owe 3 of my 4 wins to sloppy runner plays.

Wins against Valencia, Engolo Max, Lat and 419

Losses against Goldberg Hayley, Smoke and Valencia

Thanks to everyone at Euros, all my opponents and Nisei for running the event.