Euler Room (24th at EACC)

jan tuno 845

This slightly modified Tap Lat list went 5-2 at EACC.

Wins: PD, PD, Trap Ob, PD, R+ Rush

Losses: Buggles's PE and Rotom's PD.

This is basically Unband's ControlLat list with a couple of edits, mainly intended to beat PD and Sports. SMC helps you get an early Clot and get breakers against NEXT Activation Command. The third Simulchip guarantees you can lock Sports out and it's better with the new decoder. Euler is so much better than Hyperbaric against PD, with 3 chips you use it in hot mode most of the times and enables you to contest early NAC remotes.

Into the Depths is not as good when most good corps play Border Control and I could see cutting one to get the second Rigging Up back in, or an Overclock.

Thanks to people from Sconfitti a Tavolino for helping me test this, and to Cablecarnage for suggesting Euler as an include.

6 Sep 2022 Kikai

gg and wp!

6 Sep 2022 Kikai

that Euler really threw me!

7 Sep 2022 Johnny Polite

top tier deck name