Angry Pirate

Krasty 541

"better to burn out than to fade away"
Description of deck is easy:
Dear NISEI, just ban Mti Mwekundu: Life Improved and I will not be forced to play broken decks like this.

At all, this version works pretty well, until last game in top cut, which my oponent played so good.

7 Apr 2019 Longi

Oh, I fully second that statement. Please ban MTI. Congrats on the result, though.

8 Apr 2019 Rodge

Fully echo your sentiment about MTI - congrats on getting the win!

8 Apr 2019 adquen

Glad to see you got your Geist mojo back!

8 Apr 2019 Krasty

@Longi & @Rodge: thx guys ... thrue is, that day it wasn`t me, it was HIM (Humanity Insane Machine)! :o)

@adquen: my lovely friend got some new toys which need to be tested! I must say that Masterwork (v37) and The Class Act totally fits in sniper guy style of decks...

10 Apr 2019 JayPumpkin

Cool deck! Do you hostage Fenris or TCA first?

28 Apr 2019 Krasty

@JayPumpkin: you need your engine fast, so releasing Traders ASAP... than you play some music or call Andy from her vacation... depends on situation and oponent... :o)
(sorry for late answer)