Voidyskunk Metal (6-1 @ Worlds 2021)

Zeebag 124

I decided to crush some Metal instead of Precision Design because I've always felt at home playing with this ID since it got released. Scoring GFI's don't feel nearly as bad when I can get 2 credits after an early score.

Seamless was definitely the mvp in this deck as it was instrumental in scoring multiple unadvanced GFI's throughout the day, sometimes with a little Biotic help.

Originally I was running Offworld Office, but chose to pivot to Vitruvius instead so I'd have more options to either Biotic out or over advance for more Seamless plays. This is the kind of Jammy HB I'm all about, and the addition of cards like Void, Skunk, Regolith and Spin with the Gateway release really gave Tranquility Grid a chance to shine. Here is a run down of how the games went(compliments of the amazing replay system the Jnet devs made since I have the memory of a gold fish):

Game 1 - Analyzechris on MaxX

My opponent desperately tried to find a Blorch as I Seamlessly score 3 Sandboxes behind a Gatekeeper. This economy gave me enough time to shore up my scoring remote and double Seamless a GFI for the win.

Game 2 - HBf_ICE on Smoke

After multiple unlucky Maker's Eye runs I was able to score a Sandbox behind a Void to win.

Game 3 - Plural on Ken

Plural gets a great economic start and hits me with a well timed Diversion of Funds that had me struggling to protect centrals and my scoring remote. Turn 13 they install Find the Truth, make an archives run and proceed to Mad Dash into R&D for the win.

Game 4 - Goeshi on Smoke

Goeshi was running a super cool Conduit/Contaminate deck, but thankfully I scored a Sandbox before the Conduit got setup so I was able to keep it under control without losing much tempo. Fortunately for me, of the 2 Contaminate runs that went through my opponent was only able to snipe a single GFI. I'm able to close the game out with an unadvanced Vitruvius protected by a Bran and a Void.

Game 5 - Ghost Meat on Hoshiko

This game took a bit to get going but it was a wild one. Ghost Meat installed Find the Truth turn 11 after we had both only scored a 2 pointer. I was able to fully clean out a Regolith which gave me more then enough economy to rez an Ansel on R&D that fully fired. The Ansel gave me the chance to install Skunkworks in the remote which gave me the chance to score a GFI the hard way. At this point in the game my opponent Hippo'd my R&D Ansel, Which I replaced with a Bran, that then got Hippo'd the next turn haha. Ghost Meat used a couple TTW counters to steal a Sandbox, then decided to try and Mad Dash R&D since it appeared he could not get into the remote. I was sweating bullets at this point because the winning GFI was in archives behind an unrezzed Drafter. Next turn I Seamless/Bioticed an unadvanced GFI for the win.

Game 6 - Hoclor on Val

This was a Spoony/Hippo/Engolo Val that attempted to decimate my scoring remote. By the end of the game 2 Ansel's had been destroyed in the remote. The first one was trashed by a mighty Spoon, however the second one needed to be clicked through to fire the Hippo. With enough money and cards to enter the Void my opponent opted to jack out which gave me the chance to double Seamless a GFI to win.

Game 7 - Rongydoge on MaxX

Another game where I was able to click down a Regolith to build an early economy, and once again a game where my Ansel's kept getting trashed haha. Stargate was setup early but I was able to keep it at bay with a Crisium Grid. Close to the end of the game I bluffed a Crisium install with a CVS, which fired and killed the 2 Botulus counters on the Ansel. This turned of the chance for a Stargate run so Rongydoge elected to get some credits. After that I once again had a chance to Seamless/Biotic a GFI for the win.

Thank you so much to everyone I had a chance to play against, was an absolute pleasure! Also as always big thanks to Nisei for continuing to keep this amazing game going and I can't wait to see where the game goes with more cards on the way!

21 Nov 2021 formerteen

you've done us proud :')

22 Nov 2021 lukesim3

I was skeptical of Sports. I was wrong.

22 Nov 2021 Goeshi

Congratulations on Top 20! Thanks for the games.