Apoctao v1.0 - 1st @ 28 person SC (3-1)

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Unrelated Story Part 3

Rotage1 had reached the city, the place felt like an assault on his senses with the lights from the casinos and bars and the noises from the shouting on the market stalls with vendors trying to sell the remainder of their stock before the stalls closed.
He had been given some information on someone who might know where Rotage2 had gone since his banishment, it made him uneasy just thinking about what Rotage2 had done and the consequences of his actions. Having reached his destination he went inside, it was a quiet bar (as bars go in this city) and in the corner he saw who he needed to see it was Tieswi

"Hi Rotage1" said Tieswi "I hear you want to know Rotage2 is, I can tell you but it will come at a cost"
"I figured it would" replied Rotage1 "Let me guess, a KFC dinner?"
"No" stated Tieswi "You must tell me why Rotage2 was banished"

To be continued


So onto the list, having played Hoshiko for a while I wanted to go back to Shaper and Tao looked fun so I started trying out lists. My original list was a Regtao list (fun fact its an anagram of rotage thanks to Nemamiah for telling me that) but I it didn't feel like "Aldershot Fun" so I thought why not Apoc Tao, no one is really speaking about Apocalypse it might surprise some people Turns out it does surprise people, when they realise on the archives run what is about to happen!


Card Breakdown

I started off searching Netrunnerdb for an existing shaper Apoc list that I could alter for my purposes and found this http://www.netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/61119/shaper-is-op-4th-at-america-s-continental-
I took out the rotated cards and with spare influence swapped out Gauss for Paperclip, added the new shaper cards VRcation and Creative Commission without memchip I didnt feel I could support Stargate and Engolo plus I wanted to try out Conduit I found in my limited testing that I was often searchin for Apocalypse so I added another copy with spare influence

The Games

The deck performed well on the day going 2-1 in Swiss and 1-0 in the cut. You can watch the game in the cut here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/973810549 at 4:48:00 mark. I only apoced in two games, in the other two I faced a SYNC: Everything, Everywhere list where I was never able to Apoc but was able to just play netrunner, the other game and my only loss was where my Paperclip was rudely Ark Lockdown :)

I do feel you need to be aggresive with the deck to force the ice rezes so you can better evaluate what ice you want to swap with your ID ability, you also can run the scoring remote to force rezes to make the central ice cheaper or if its a remote ice you can easily get thru then just move it a central. Or just be lucky like I was and steal agendas on an apoc turn and just keep running thru a #drafter


So the deck did really well and its something I will look at further. Changes would likely be lookng at Simulchip as I did not use it all today, I might add some extra econ possibly Telework Contract or add extra breakers
Happy to hear any feedback on the list


Thanks to Imrahil, Hyperbolic_Mess, SteffMonkey, Swiftie, Guy and Rufus for helping provide ideas and for chat between rounds
Thanks to RC for running an excellent event
Thanks to Aki for streaming the event Finally thanks to all my opponents for being great fun to play against

5 Apr 2021 Council

Cool deck! From my own Shapoc adventures (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/62409/studies-in-shapoc-headcount-1-0-), I gathered that Ika is often better than Nanot'k,

5 Apr 2021 imrahil

please dont make this popular :p. Congrats again on the win.

5 Apr 2021 rotage

@DonLoverGate Thanks, yeah I should look at Ika, I never used nanotek all day and having a much cheaper to install Killer would be

@imrahil Thanks, yeah I dont want this popular either, I hate being apoced! lol

5 Apr 2021 gilesdavis


6 Apr 2021 Baa Ram Wu

The design of this deck is so egregious that it made me log into an account I have used everyday for years.
Apoc shaper abuses a disruptive technique that ANR made prohibitively expensive with good reason.
It's almost difficult to describe the magnitude of how game breakingly rude the Apoc run in the final was, because making that turn requires a fundamental lack of empathy for your poor Corp opponent.


29 Apr 2021 NetDad

I built a similar apoc Tao list, some changes I made that may or may not be good:

-1 Apoc, -1 Clip, +2 Imp, +1 Gauss, +2 Mayfly

Fast Corps can neglect installing HQ ice unless you play something that gives HQ runs value. Imp does this alright.

-2 Pawnshop, +2 Out of the Ashes -3 Harbinger, +3 Deuces I found that Pawnshop just wasn't cutting it in the econ department some reason, maybe I'm just bad at shaper Apoc. I also added Overclock instead of Casts.