You want this card on the outside of a server with multiple pieces of ICE with multiple subroutines. Hive and Spiderweb would both love this card, as it would massively increase the cost to break them. Being only 1 pip also makes it Weyland splashable easily.

Rezzing for 2 and having 4 strength is also not a bad strength to rez ratio and isn't broken by Yog.0 which is nice.

However, isn't this often going to be either a midgame 4 strength ETR piece of ice with 2 subroutines or if the runner is rich a slight tax? It is going to be interesting but not a competitive piece of ICE I think,

I mean, it's about as taxing as Eli 1.0 for credits, only it's a Code Gate and cheaper to rex (also one less influence now). The thing that really makes this card a difficult include is it's positional nature. Positional ice = potential dead draws and that's almost never worth running over say a typical Wall of Static or Enigma. It could be absolutely brutal, especially in a Midway Station Grid deck. But that stars have to align, and so it likely won't see much play. —
Using Shannon Sinclair + daily business show you can negate dead draws until they are useful again. —
This card is also weak to e3 Feedback Implants, D4v1d, Cloud breakers/Deus X/Sharpshooter/Faerie. It may also have limited benefit if it is paired with Bioroid Ice or Trace Ice. —

The type of Cast is a new one, I do believe. Perhaps we will see a cycle of ones similar to this that provide infomation about how the runner is playing while also providing a way to interact with them.

0 to rez and 4 to trash is a good rez to trash rate. The ability provides very little useful info to be honest, and the trash ability doesn't do much.

Maybe if Test Run becomes a big thing, this might be an appropriate counter, or for trashing something followed scoring a Chronos Project or rezzing Blacklist.

We've actually seen Cast twice before, with Daily Business Show and The News Now Hour. There doesn't seem to be a theme between them, though. —

HB have always good at getting the most out of everything.

As the 3/2 HB Agendas cycle out, this might be a valid replacement. While not as outright powerful, it will get the corp a lot of value over the game if scored early. A card or credit every turn the runner runs is fantastic economy.

Subliminal Messaging means you get a credit, if they ran or didn't. The draw means you can keep agendas they see off the top with Globalsec Security Clearance.

Acclerated Beta Test is core set, so it won't cycle out. But this is the best HB 4/2 since people figured out the Efficiency Committee/Shipment from SanSan combo. —
This card is phenomenal. I've been trying it out, and it's an all star performer. The flexibility of being able to draw a card or gain a credit is fantastic, depending what you need at the time. Score this thing first and your game just goes so much smoother. Score two and it's just the greatest thing in the world. —
To note: it has a good synergy with Daily Business Show. —
As with Globalsec SC, so also with Spy Camera. —

I think Jesminder is a runner for a future meta. As cards cycle in and out, we will see the nature of the game change. Tags have already started to see use, not as a way to kill the runner, but as a currency the corp can spend with cards like Keegan Lane, Lily Lockwell and others that put them so far ahead that killing isn't really needed.

Suddenly, Jesminder is Keegan Lane's arch nemesis (and god-damnit I will ship it).

On top of that, she has obvious synergies with her own console Maya which will lead to some interesting plays. Stick all the agendas to the bottom then do a big Showing Off/Medium/R&D Interface for style points?

Pretty sure there are very few situations in which you'd put an accessed agenda on the bottom of the deck rather than score it... —
Yeah, you do access it, so you'd have to steal it, unless it's a NAPD Contract or other agenda with an additional cost. —
And most corp decks are using Jackson Howard so you would have to be quick —

You can see this as a bigger version of Dirty Laundry in a sense. For Dirty Laundry you spend a click, a card and 2 credits to make a run with the upside of gaining 5 is you succeed. However, Dirty Laundry is usable against servers without ICE allowing for an archive or remote peek/trash with an upside.

The fact this requires you to run a server with unrezzed Ice snd spend 6 is a fairly big undertaking. And depending on your breaker set up and the corps willingness to rez it can be a tough sell.

It might find a place in Nazir as a way to gain a few credits but the 3 pips make it hard to justify.

1. This card still works if the corp rezzes the ice during the run, it just needs to be unrezzed when the run begins. —
Whoops, pressed enter: —