RIP. Banned less than two months after release. For anyone who never had the pleasure of playing against this card and is wondering why it got banned, look no further than here:

At first glance, this seems like a modest deterrent to the Corp trying to do small amounts of damage, as it won't help you if you're dead. On closer inspection, the following things become apparent:

  1. This trashes cards equal to the total amount of damage taken on a turn, not just the most recent source.
  2. The Runner does not have to pay per card trashed, this is just a straight up trash ability.
  3. This does not specify damage done by the Corp, which means the runner can trigger this ability by damaging themselves.

This resulted in an archetype where the runner plays solitaire until they have all their combo pieces, and then self-damages enough such that triggering all three copies of this card will mill around 30 cards in one turn.

This was a stupid, frustrating deck to play against, and very little counterplay was available other than trying to score out before R&D gets nuked.

If this strategy had been caught during playtesting, some minor tweaks (only counting damage done by the corp for example) may have balanced this card, but I'm not sad it's banned outright.

Clearly FFG needs more degenerate playtesters to catch combos like this.

Never played against this, and glad I didn't. —
The one game I played against it, he messed up his turn and conceded. Lol. —
It is sad that this card triggered on runner damage otherwise it would've been a great boom damage deterrent. If this is sitting on the board you'd basically guarantee that no one is going to hit you with a "Value BOOM!" A 7 card hit to R&D gives a high probability to hitting at least 1 agenda. —
Given that they changed a few other odd or ridiculous card effects recently through errata (Salsette Slums, Standoff!), I find it bizarre that they didn't errata this to something like "...damage you have suffered from the corp this turn." when they clarified the last sentence of it. —

Spiderweb's younger sibling. The Quandary to the Enigma.

Compared to Spiderweb, one less credit to rez, one less subroutine, one less credit for the runner to break every time. Also strangely two more influence. I'm not sure if this is worth the deckslot.

I was quite surprised to see that it is four influence. —
Probably an intentional design decision to make cheap/high-efficiency barriers a strongly Weyland suite. Not that FFG's particularly consistent about adherence to such things, but. —
Probably it was weakened during testing. It makes senses if the original version is 3 STR, in which case it is strictly better than Static Wall. —

It's cool that they are printing more NEXT ice, especially because NEXT Bronze and NEXT Silver are rotating soon. However, this ice does not seem very good as printed. Without a "May" in front of install, this ice would require you to dump your entire hand if there are a few NEXT ices installed. Maybe Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers will like this? I can't think of any other ID that would use it as is.

Oh god, I thought it was garbage because it's in Yog range, but now it's plainly obvious that this ice is actively bad, ouch! —
Hang on, how is this enforceable? What do you do if the Corp says "I can't pay the costs for anything currently in HQ"? Trust them? Reveal HQ to the Runner? —
Yeah, I agree, it is difficult. Compare the wording to Crick: " —
Oops, last comment got cut off. Compare the wording to Crick: "Install a card from Archives (paying its install cost)" If there is an installable card in archives, you don't have a choice about firing this. I believe that NEXT Opal works the same way, but as you say there's no way to confirm if the Corp is able to install anything or not. Making this conditional would solve a lot of problems. Really surprised this was not addressed in the UFAQ. —
Netrunner implicitly assumes a fair amount of trust from the Corp player. Like, they won't install an Agenda and pretend it's a piece of unrezzed ice. —
That will eventually be discovered though, either when the Corp tries to do anything with the installed card or post-game. It's difficult to trace back and determine whether there was an installable card when NEXT Opal fired if the game has gone on long enough afterward. —
NEXT Silver is Lunar, Lunar is not rotating. —
They've now errata'd it to have "You may". —

HB fast advance just got another tool, because there was not enough of that already. If you have this installed at the beginning of your turn, you can:

Then if you have Team Sponsorship you can get it right back! If not, Friends in High Places will do just fine.

This is another 4 trash cost must-trash asset for HB asset spam. High influence cost will mean this is likely not going to see play outside of HB. HB asset spam is probably going to be one of the strongest archetypes for the foreseeable future.

I believe if you have Biotic Labor, you don't need Subliminal Messaging? —
Ah, good point. Edited my post. Thanks! —