Tired: Install a Snare! on a remote and bait the runner into it.

  • 4 credits + 1 install = 3 net damage and 1 tag

Wired: Be Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel. and install ZATO City Grid in a remote behind a Bathynomus, when the runner approaches Bathynomus rez both and trigger ZATO on Bathynomus and Ob tutor Ping onto the currently run server

  • 6 credits + 2 installs + limited ID choice = 3 net damage and 1 tag

Inspired: Continue to be Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel.. Install some 1 cost card you can easily rez maybe Malapert Data Vault. Put Tucana (the terrifying bird that's on the card above) in a remote with an agenda, might as well be a face up one since you want the runner to run it so maybe Oaktown Renovation. Before the runner breaches the remote, rez your 1 cost card and rez Tucana. When they steal the agenda, fire Tucana to install Stavka on a new remote - then use Stavka to trash the 1 cost card - finally use Ob tutor to put a Snare! inside the server that the runner is still waiting patiently in forcing them to access it and if you still somehow have money left over fire Snare!

  • 1 + 2 + (4 - 3) + 4 = 8 credits + 3 installs + limited ID choice + 2 agenda points = 3 net damage and 1 tag and probably some super rare achievement

You can also do this out of A Teia with just a Snare! in HQ (just put any ice on the sister remote).

in jinteki you need more inf for it, though-

While we already have Mutually Assured Destruction, this ICE on centrals can quickly turn into the whole board to Scorched Earth. Note this ability fires on every encounter not just on rez like many of the ICE in Borealis. The runner tends to like the cards they've put out so having a 100% unbreakable sub that forces them to remove one of those nice cards is a real pain.

Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel. means you can trade down some of your cards and maintain more board than your opponent while also tutoring cards. Maybe trash a 4 cost card to rez Anemone and hit them for 2 net damage on top of losing something. Could be a 3 cost card to rez Ping and give em a tag. I'm sure you'll think of something.

I think this also has some potential in Jinteki remotes. Put this in front of Nanisivik Grid and you can trash face-down ETR ICE or Bathynomus or whatever making them lose some of their rig and questioning how dangerous the facedown card in Archives is. If you are really in dire straits you can also just trash the agenda they would otherwise steal. Also gives one bit of extra oomph to a rezzed Anemone that has otherwise stopped taxing the Runner.

It has the same weakness of other porous trash ICE where it doesn't do much if the runner decides to run it early with nothing on the board, though even then it steal credits from the runner unless they've decide to run with no rig or money (we've all been there).

I think this card is really strong for the cost and the ability to just make it unbreakable - sure the Runner gets to choose what to trash, but usually they don't want to trash anything. The fact that it can help trigger evil combos makes it all the better!

Great review. This ice also interact with Chief Slee well, because it force 2 subs to fire, give Chief Slee 2 counters. Also, it is a good counter to runner using a minimal amount of installed gears, since it will force the runner to trash something. On the first run, it might not be impactful, but on the 2nd and 3rd run, it can really do interesting damage. In essence, it is a reliable rig shooter, the caveat is that you do not get to choose which card the runner must trash.

This card has lots of jank potential in Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel.. Mostly play Startup these days so here's some good ICE into ICE combos:

Note this trigger on every ICE encounter so if you really need to keep em out you can Wraparound [2 cost] to install Ice Wall [1 cost] and then "End the run" and if they run again you can use ZATO to just trigger again.

Good review. In faction, ZATO City Grid transform the humble Ice Wall in a kind of Border Control. In the Jinteki faction, you can rez Anemone to do 2 net damages and then trash it to do one more net damage. With 2 Anemone on a server, you get to kill most runners. But 4 influences is a tough sell. The power of this upgrade is amazing!

One player on Jinteki found a fatal flaw in my ZATO Grid jank: [Tracker](https://netrunnerdb.com/en/card/11105/ "Tracker") , the first subroutine that would resolve is blocked, then runner just need to jack out and come again.