This card really intrigues me. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about it that has me eagerly trying to make a deck with it. It further extends one of my favorite subtypes, the "Transaction" subtype, quite profoundly too. It has a slim window where it's ability can be used, but if you can use it, it's by far the best econ card in the game. On top of it costing 5 to trash and it being an upgrade, it's fantastic on paper.

The obvious synergies are with Closed Accounts and Reversed Accounts. There are other ways to make the runner lose credits, such as ice subroutines and overall just taxing the runner with heavy ice or forcing them to trash Mumbad Virtual Tour, but they aren't reliable and they can easily be played around. In a meta dominated by Şifr and Parasite, relying on ice to help you with a particular strategy is not something you want to do. You can always keep this card unrezzed and rez it when you want to use it. The runner most likely thinks you're not using this card. But with Hard-Hitting News being so popular, the runner is almost always above 8 credits. So this 'surprise' factory isn't reliable either.

Closed Accounts is the best credit denial card the corp has, but to get full use out of it WITH Bryan Stinson you need to use it as your first action so you can use as many transaction operations as possible before the runner gets 6 credits again, so that requires the runner float tags or somehow get tags on their last action, which is something that's not really done as running on their last action is dumb and there are increasingly better ways to deal with tags immediately, such as Aaron Marrón, and the overall amount of credits the runner has also makes tagging difficult. Tagging in Weiland is also challenging in itself to say the least. You can splash Hard-Hitting News and hope they can't remove all the tags, or splash the very expensive Midseason Replacements and hope you have the econ advantage to take full use of it. But if you're trying to make use of Bryan Stinson, you probably won't have the econ advantage. You can also use Bryan Stinson in NBN, but influence is rough, because you will probably want to use NBN: Controlling the Message to combat Parasite and Şifr. This means you will struggle to find influence to play the more important Weiland cards such as Scorched Earth and BOOM!, consdering Breaking News and SanSan City Grid are on the MWL.

Reversed Accounts is far easier in Weiland but more of a tempo hit and can easily fail. Weiland isn't known for their traps, so if the runner sees a card with advancement tokens on it they will probably have no fear running to access/trash it. If they do trash this card with advancement tokens on it, then that is probably an entire turn you just wasted.. which is not good to say the least. If the runner is also filthy rich, Reversed Accounts becomes increasingly bad in conjunction with Bryan Stinson. And the runner probably is rich, because of Şifr and Parasite, taxing ice means nothing.

Overall, this card is very interesting and when it's conditions are met it is the best econ card in the game. It's fun and extremely satisfying when you do pull it off, and of course very powerful. However, Bryan Stinson requires a fair amount of cards in conjunction with it to really make use of it, cards you might not otherwise use. So you're using a lot of your deck space for a wombo-combo that might or might not work. There are too many essential corp cards you would be missing out on if you use this combo. Not to mention, Weiland is also very weak at the moment. I think as the game goes on, this card can only get better.


When in the game do you want to draw 4 cards at the end of you turn as corp? The short answer, you absolutely do not want to. This card is pretty much made for Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers. Outside of it, I don't very, very little use for this card, especially with it being 3 influence. With the upcoming rotation of Jackson Howard, this card will be such a detriment to use unless you use it in Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers.

A card that will almost exclusively be played in faction in Cerebral Imaging. It has a trash cost, and a very low one. And it costs three influence. Meanwhile, Friends in High Places, costs only one influence, has no trash cost, and is useful everywhere. Doesn't make sense to me. —
This would actually be good in IG. The last thing we need though is more cards to benefit IG. —
Embrace the overdraw : discard cards you want to install and make a proactive use of Friends in High Place. Much click compression (yet to be tested). And if you don't want to overdraw that much, deplete your hand with Lateral Grow and Advanced Assembly Line. —
Problem is that overdrawing and discarding non-Agendas will leave you Agenda flooded on average. A savvy Runner will hammer your HQ the turn after you do this. Although it might work around the midgame when HQ is too hard to hit... —
This is my favourite card in my current CI deck (except the first time I test drove it and decked out). Combine with hedge and restructure to keep your credit pool/hand size healthy (and some currents to overwrite Rumor Mill) —
And by Rumor Mill, I mean Employee Strike!* —

This card is obviously OP, everyone knows this. I find it almost impossible to not add this into ANY deck. It will be among a large list of Anarch cards currently on the MWL soon enough. Sure, it's absolutely broken with Parasite and the Cutlery Forked, Spooned, Knifed. But.. it's ridiculous with any icebreaker even without doing ice destruction. The ability to effectively disregard the strength of any ice no matter how powerful it is will save you A LOT of credits. It's a good thing this is only 1 influence, otherwise Anarch would just be... mandatory. They pretty much almost are without this card, lol. You can easily use this in Shaper along with Parasite. Clone Chip, Test Run, Scavenge and Self-modifying Code are in faction, so the parasite combo will be very potent in Shaper.

What about Criminals? Man.. they just can't catch a break. They just don't have the influence to do effective and constant ice destruction like the other factions, not to mention they have no recursion in faction. Without ice destruction this console is still amazing I feel, but is it better than Desperado, once the best console in the game? No.. not without ice destruction. I feel criminal is in an even worse spot than they were before just because they can't do ice destruction.

Worst of all though, is making a corp deck against this. Sure, you can play around it but I'm just not feeling it really. It's exhausting and very frustrating.

This card makes me want to quit. It has 100% killed any hope of glacier coming back and is still a massive anti-fun card even if you play around it, and it has made criminal a joke. The more and more data packs they release, the more I can't be bothered really. Give me back the game I once loved.

i stopped playing netrunner when things went insnae asset spam and dumbledork was the only viable runner. I though 'ill give it a rest till they fix this shit.' Come and take a look to see whether its safe to return. See this. Noooooooooope! —

How do you delete reviews? How do you delete reviews?

How do you delete reviews? How do you delete reviews?

How do you delete reviews? How do you delete reviews?

How do you delete reviews? How do you delete reviews?

How do you delete reviews? How do you delete reviews?

I reviewed the wrong card. Please help.

Play Apocalypse? —
It's Hunting Grounds. It has a trash ability, so just use that. You'll get three facedown reviews :) —
best comment ever! —
Ask Matt Hardy !!! Otherwise, your review would fade away and classify itself as obsolete. —

I got 25 tags on turn 3 versus a blue sun deck. They got Curtain Wall and used Oversight AI twice. What am I meant to do, not steal agendas? Play a tag me deck? Plascrete Carapace is just going to delay the inevitable, and corp has too much recursion, so even if their BOOM! or Scorched Earth fails, you still have 20+ tags that you will never get rid of, so they can just do their kill combo later. Even if they don't do a kill combo, Psychographics will win them the game and stuff like Closed Accounts will destroy you even harder.

Even if they don't have the ridiculous credit power of Blue Sun: Powering the Future, you can still acquire an un-salvageable amount of tags. A card of this caliber that can give you 10+ tags shouldn't exist. It's not even a terminal or even a double operation!

On top of that, the corp can just sit back, gain credits and draw. Who cares about icing up your central servers? If they draw into agendas, good for them, more chance of the runner stealing one as they are meant to, and then you punish and completely cripple them. This sort of playstyle just makes me infuriated. It's so unsatisfying and it really makes me mad, because it's so cheap and easy and it has ruined the game for me.

Honestly a stupid card, it shouldn't exist. If you play this card or the blue sun combo, good for you. Hope you're having fun.

Yes, this is a strong card. But it's also a high-cost high-inf card with very restricted usage. And there ARE a lot of ways to play around it. Simply being richer than the Corp shuts down this card hard. Link also helps a lot. Film Critic allows you to not 'steal' and still get points. Playing tag-me is always an option, especially with strong cards like Obelus supporting the concept. There are tag removal cards like Lawyer Up, Paper Tripping, Networking, Misdirection or tag avoiding effects like Decoy, On the Lam, Forger. And last but not least: Tags alone don't win games. The Corp still has to actually use them for their win condition (like Psycho-Beale or Boom!) and until then you have time to implement your own plans. —
Out-Money them before you steal? —
This will be over soon. The rotation is almost there. —
There are certain cards that when played make it feel like a tiny part of you is apologising, and this is definitely one of them. —
I am NOT a fan of swing cards. This is definitely the epitome of swing. At *least* Hard-Hitting News is limited to four tags and has a few more viable outs not called Paper Tripping. —
A reviewer after my heart! I hate this card and I hate Blue Sun. Can't wait 'til they are both gone. —
Time to play Paper Tripping! :V —
Magnum Opus + Misdirection. Check and mate. —
Those are nice SHAPER cards, there. The fact that you're running Misdirection JUST to deal with Midseasons isn't fun, even if it helps a little against HHN. —
The fact that you're running Plascrete JUST to deal with BOOM! isn't fun, even if it helps a little against Scorched. Is that the argument here? That we should never play hate cards? —
> You < —
> Point < —
Slight difference, there. My examples are Shaper - yours are neutral. I thought that much was clear? —
In chess, there is a proverb that reads 'the threat is better than its execution'. The simple fact that this card exists makes the game interesting, as you can fear it even if the corp does not play it (especially in non-NBN as it has 4 influence). A couple of things to consider : It recommends that you get richer than the corp before stealing an agenda (it's a trace). If it did not exist, New Angeles City Hall would really be overpowered (see how it manages SEA Source and Hard-Hitting News). Usually the corp gets poor post-midseasons, so it's up to your ability to recover (similarly, a corp has to recover from Vamp). Film Critic saves the day. Yet I fully understand the rationale of your review as we all suffered from - and hated - this card at least once. —