This card is about slowing down your opponent without them really realising it. It's much like an actual student loan (own experience, sigh). The additional cost of 2credits might not look that impressing, but lets take a closer look. This card can slow down the runner in many different ways, so you have more of an opportunity to score your agenda's.

Economy events, Sure Gamble:
-Runner gains less of a profit (some economy events get pretty much useless like Easy Mark, Career Fair and Dirty Laundry).
-The event can't be used when the runner has 5 credits: He or she will have to have 7 credits before being able to use it. Maybe that doesn't seem like a lot, but it can really slow a runner down if the runner doesn't have (a lot of) economy cards set up. He might have to spend clicks to gain up to 7 credits before the runner could use the event to make more money.

This pretty much goes for all economy events such as Lucky Find, Three Steps Ahead and Day Job.

Currents, Net Celebrity:
-It now takes the runner 3 runs, spread out over 3 turns, before this card gets profitable. By the time that happens you might have already been able to get rid of the current.
-Currents might not be worth the credits, since currents don't usually stick around for many rounds.

Cards such as Scrubbed (most likely profitable after 2 rounds), Traffic Jam, Itinerant Protesters and Hacktivist Meeting might just not be worth paying 4 credits for, since the currents won't stay in game that long.

As a form of protection from certain events:
You (probably) won't be able to stop certain attacks on your servers with this asset, but it will be taxing for the runner to keep playing the same events. Think events like from the silverware collection, Spooned, Forked and Knifed. Some events might get played with a few credits less (which can make all the difference) because of the tax they'd have to pay- think events like Vamp or Account Siphon and Running Interference. And don't forget it's taxing on Escher, Early Bird, Inside Job and Indexing.

Finding icebreakers:
Special Order, Test Run, Retrieval Run, Scavenge and similar events of which there are (usually) multiple copies in a deck get just a little less appealing to play.

-The downside of this card is the obvious, it only works on events that have already been played once during the game. -The low trashcost means you'll probably have to keep this at least under a somewhat protected server.

Does anyone think the 2 credit tax is not a big deal? I think it's a HUGE deal. An event would have to be something like a Legwork that is very likely to score agendas / get close to winning the game before I would consider playing it with Student Loans in play. —
Kills ken express —

Instead of installing both agenda's on the same turn and risking one (or both) getting stolen before scoring them, you could try a somewhat more safer approach:

Turn 1: install agenda behind ice, advance
Turn 2: advance, advance, install second agenda anywhere

Score 2AP for 5clicks and 3credits.

You're a mad genius! ;) —
I'm trying to build this kind of deck as we speak. I'll post it when I've got something satisfying (enough). —
After thinking about it, it's hard to justify over NADP. If you played it in this same method (single advancing behind ice, then scoring out), it would cost 1 credit more. But you've got the perks of NADP's steal cost plus only 1 deck slot. Admittedly, they would only steal a single agenda point this way. That brings me back to my original conclusion that it would work best with traps. —
Don't forget, it also plays nicely with Shipment from MirrorMorph and BiFrost Array. —
1st Install in big remote server and advance advance. 2nd fast track -> second Research Grand , install it and advance the previous one. This way you do not need to have two agendas in hand. —
But again, any 4/2 or 5/3 agenda can do exactly that, without needing to Fast Track. You get a little more safety in that, if the runner gets in, you only lose 1 point. But I don't see a case for that safety being worth the difficulty of getting both cards in hand and using extra slots. —
You can install these off Team Sponsorship. With two in archives and a Biotic Labor in hand, you can score 3 AP in one turn for 7c (6 for EtF). —