As the first card spoiled from its set, Burner came out of the gates swinging. This is a very strong card, giving Shapers HQ pressure they didn't previously have in-faction. It's kind of like a pseudo-Legwork, in that you see three cards from hand. That alone is useful, in that you gain a fair amount of knowledge about what gameplan the Corp is on, and what they're currently prepared to do. But you also have the ability to disrupt those plans and set up steals for yourself.

Here are a couple of modes this card can function in:

  • See combo threats, scoring tools, or econ bombs in hand, and sequester them safely on the bottom of R&D for free, where they can't even be immediately recurred.

  • See agendas in hand, and clear out the chaff so that your run back on HQ next click is hitting a target-rich environment.

  • See agendas in hand, and put them on top of R&D so that your run back on R&D next click is guaranteed* to hit.

You can also combine these effects, ie by bottoming a dangerous threat while putting an agenda on top of R&D. Note that the last one can be disrupted by the Corp drawing or shuffling before you get access, so be careful about deploying this tactic when a Spin Doctor is on the board, or when playing against Ob with a shuffle trigger in play. A Corp player with a scored Basalt Spire can also pull the top card off the deck and into hand by spending a counter, so be careful.

All in all, a great card, and one of the reasons Shapers are ascendant with the release of Rebellion Without Rehearsal.


"Well you see, when a Maker's Eye and an Overclock love each other very much..."

This might seem at first like kind of a janky in-between or situational card, but it does so much for you. It's credit value, multiaccess, and click compression, all at the same time. Whether you're trying to break out of prison, keep up with asset spam tempo, or just hammer R&D with high-value runs, this card has got your back. I'll even sometimes play it when there's no remote to run, and it's still great value then (although it's obviously most efficiently used when you get value out of the second run as well).

The biggest limitation it has is that you have to run R&D first, so if you're not prepared to deal with the outermost ice there, it's effectively turned off. But most of the time, that's not going to be the case. If you play Shaper and your rig uses credits during runs, you should probably be slotting this card.


You get the like for the fist line alone!

Corp: Surely three Archers and a Valentao is enough to score behind, right? You only have 5 credits and you don't even have anything on the table...

Runner: shakes spraypaint can with intent

Although it's a bit situational, in the right deck, this card is incredible. With a Poison Vial, a Slap Vandal or charged Botulus somewhere on the board, and a few credits, you can effortlessly run through a 3-deep remote piled high with big ice for the winning agenda steal (or key asset trash). If you instead use Rigging Up to get down the Poison Vial and have the Slap Vandal in hand as Arissana (or spend a click to pre-emptively install it on the first ice before running), you can even go 4-deep. Although it's a one-time trick, ask Criminals how effective those can be. This is best at getting into a remote late-game that the Corp can't imagine you can break out of nowhere (which is also when they're most likely to put an agenda in it).

Even if you don't have the opportunity to maximize it on a big server, Spree can be situationally useful in just repositioning your installed Trojans without having to do Simulchip flickers, saving you precious resources, and preserving accumulated Botulus counters.

I wouldn't slot this in a deck running regular breakers hoping to get giant Kyuban value; as funny as it would be to surf a Flux Capacitor down an ice stack for big charge value on a Cataloguer or Amelia Earhart or something, it's surely not worth the deck slot.