1st @ YVR SC 1-2 Faust is a Breaker?

aDumbBrick 675

This deck is my favorite thing I have played in ages. While it didn't post great results it is so much fun that I am going to keep trying to make it work.

The crux of the deck is the way Faust interacts with Lat: Ethical Freelancer and Aniccam. In any paid ability window you can use Faust to trash an Event to draw a card, this means that you can draw through your deck very quickly and efficiently. It gets really cute when you have Security Testing active.

The "Dream" play is using Faust to discard Out of the Ashes on your opponents turn to draw 1 card. Then use that to gain 2 credits with Security Testing.

3x Notoriety is there as a meta call vs Project Vacheron decks , to potentially reduce the number of agendas you need to steal to 4 (and worst case you can just cycle it clicklessly on your opponents turn)

6 Jul 2020 Gerrark

I am also loving Lat, even when Faustless. You either get an easy 5-10 draws each game and get absurd tempo, or the corp is constantly telegraphing their hand or making themselves vulnerable trying to avoid you getting it. Faust is such a natural include though! I can't wait to try him myself.

6 Jul 2020 Gerrark

Btw, what would you say is the biggest weakness of the deck to you? Did the lack of a killer hurt you? (I suspect not, but who knows). Was the asset spam face off just too rough?

8 Jul 2020 FreqKing

Really cool idea, love it