Goodnight BOOM!

CodeMarvelous 20001

alt textAlt art Goodnight Moon made by Matt West

Estelle Moon is terrorizing the Netrunner world with persistent asset prison. Everyone knows what you are about once they see her, just lots of assets and FA. Wouldn't it be a pleasant change of pace if someone used that draw and cash to 1. Find a kill combo 2. Win a trace/24/7 3. Kill the runner.

My first thought upon reading her card was "2 credits and a card for each token, I could find a kill combo really fast with with that"

The core of this deck is what NEH kill decks have always done, tax money and clicks while getting free draw to find the kill combo of 24/7 News Cycle, BOOM! or Midseason Replacements, BOOM!.

Estelle just dials it up to eleven.


15 Minutes is a 2/1 that I can get back, helps clear currents and sets me up for the kill

AstroScript Pilot Program helps me increase threat and provoke runs to check NA items to trigger Hard-Hitting News and Midseason Replacements

Breaking News is the 2/1 that makes yellow kill work. The primary combo is to have it and another agenda scored and then trigger 24/7 News Cycle and then BOOM! for the kill. Score on draw if able.

Explode-a-palooza : Listen, the runner is gonna steal some agendas, nothing to be done BUT what if those agendas became restructures for us? That would probably scare a runner or two.

Net Quarantine Is another 4/2 since I have no free influence for NAPD Contract.

Project Beale gives me a NA cheat out possibility and forces my opponent to check everything, buying me precious time.

ASSETS 2x Daily Business Show helps me card filter both on my turn and when I use Estelle Moon before they trash her. It is also a high priority trash/salsette target which means my BOOM! probably won't get RFG that turn.

Estelle Moon is the asset that makes the dream come alive. She helps you tear through your deck and find the kill combo. She is 2x because I am able to find her easily and I also run Tech Startup. She would be 3x but we have a must have agenda that requires influence.

Jackson Howard is pretty good when you are overdrawing and pitching cards like crazy with Estelle.

Launch Campaign is easy money that I never feel bad rezzing. Triggers my Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center ability, Estelle Moon and Turtlebacks.

PAD Campaign triggers both our primary econ cards (Turtles and Estelle) and is hard to get rid of. Usually, runners trash it last giving you drip econ that helps maintain your Hard-Hitting News threat.

Tech Startup is primarily an additional copy of Estelle but can be whatever you need at the time. Worth noting that you get two triggers for the price of one on Estelle when using this card to install something else.

Turtlebacks is our workhorse econ card. We install to draw and power up Estelle and all the while we get the money we need to rez and maintain our affordable board. Not cheap for the runner to deal with and a huge econ source if they do not.


24/7 News Cycle is a card that lets you kill people without firing a trace or spending any additional credits. It is one of the most powerful cards in NBN's toolbox. Usually, when you lose as a 24/7 deck its because you can't find your kill pieces when you have the opportunity. Estelle Moon solves that problem by allowing you to tear through huge chunks of your deck to find the missing pieces.

Archived Memories Sometimes you lose BOOM! and that is bad. Sometimes you have to use two missiles to kill armored runners. AM adds vital consistency to this deck.

BOOM! goes the dynamite and good night goes the runner.

24/7 can take time to set up. You can't have a runner feeling safe just because you don't have a Breaking News scored. We have to make them understand the boom can come at any time and that if they get too excited about trashing assets we can kill them for that too. Hard Hitting News provides that service.

MCA Informant Deals with A-A-RON and Film Critic, who vex this deck quite fiercely. We only stock one because we can find it pretty fast.

Midseason Replacements started as the original kill enabler, but I found that the 24/7 landed more consistently. That doesn't mean you won't put a pile of tags on if the opportunity presents itself. Like HHN, midseason is just another tool we can draw into to leverage the power of Estelle.

Sweeps Week is good money that doesn't depend on keeping assets on the board.


IP Block is a strong barrier that gets a lot better when people are on AI / Keyhole and things like it that have stronger matchups against kill.

Resistor punishes the runner for giving up on clearing tags.

Archangel gets a shocking number of Aarons off the table in the early game. It is a low cost taxing code gate.

Pop-up Window Helps keep the money balance in my favor while I am building the kill.

Data Raven is a click and econ tax and reckless people sometimes waste their Aaron counters on removing DR tags.

Turnpike is the single best costed tagging ice in the game.


This deck has been doing well with above 80 percent win ratios across three different people testing it. Play it if you want to terrorize runners with a new Estelle Moon deck. Remind them that at least you aren't playing prison.

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight BOOM!

alt text

Don't make me tell you again about the scooching

23 May 2017 Yukon

You in the red, chop chop!

23 May 2017 TrungusWungus

I still think aaron still would butcher this deck, I've played and seen so many more skilled players use aaron marron judiciously.

23 May 2017 TrungusWungus

Scuse myself for being blind to MCA.

23 May 2017 TR1S

I must have run into one of your testers yesterday because I encountered this in the wild.

They had a really bad time.

The two immediate difficulties they had were that they couldn't create a board state at all. A combination of hacktivist and siphon meant that they couldn't duck it so they were always poor and ran out of cards in hand quickly. Plus with so many agendas they just bled accesses from HQ way too easily. I think you have to consider dropping the 2 turtlebacks for GFIs just to free up some space. That also means you can then slot some other nice pieces like disposable HQ to draw into more things to power Estelle or your combo (or more importantly other forms of tag punishment). You need a best defense at least.

That said, I don't know what the advantage of this deck is over Ben's Sync. Money is nice, but that Sync deck is hardly poor and Jackson is a suitable replacement for Estelle draw to find your combo pieces. Plus what makes that deck so terrifying is the agenda suite. Here it is too easy to drop a plascrete and win before the combo is ready.

23 May 2017 Veste

I love this deck a lot because of the title/meme. Does that make me a terrible person? My mother used to read me this book as a child constantly. Also I am infatuated with Yellow Kill. THANK YOU!

23 May 2017 LynxMegaCorp

Any reason for not swapping a PAD Campaign with NASX?

23 May 2017 Yukon

@TR1S IT WAS YOU!!!!!! But it wasn't me. I was the other tester.

But seriously, we did discuss that game. 'Lost a harsh one to siphon whizz.' was reported :) We all played games against whizz, and to my surprise your game was the only loss against him.

I wish I had kept the exact numbers, but I found most games I had closed out with a boom between turns 5 and 8. Few went longer than that. I boomed answers out of hand (plascrete, guru davinder) so it is likely that players arent respecting the boom threat out of NEH. Which is madness in our meta.

I think the deck is solid. It goes crazy fast. If you dont have the kill before Giant Dad gets setup you will have problems. If you dont get out ahead of Whizzard you could have problems. We want to keep working at it, but our initial days of testing were strong. I dont think the deck is perfect yet, but it has a strong core

Also, kudos to @CodeMarvelous for the title. My suggestion was 'Lunarshop'. 'Goodnight Boom' is much more inspired.

23 May 2017 Yukon

@Lynx Kuroneko I intend to test it with -2 turtlebacks -tech startup +1 Moon +1 NASX +1 Launch Campaign. honestly expect it to do worse. Turtlebacks seems so innocuous but I bet it makes me more money over a game than those do.

23 May 2017 Reutan

@TR1S It was me! Probably. The feedback is good, though. I had the added complexity of this being my first ever NBN kill deck. I definitely found that people were finding Plascretes before the Boom some of the time, and it was much more difficult to push through at that point.

23 May 2017 TR1S

@Conphas The more I think about that game, the more I think the problem that you had is actually caused by the shell of the deck itself. Frankly, I didn't respect Boom either. I just played a normal control game against an asset spam deck and when I saw Boom on a Keyhole run I just made a mental note to shake tags after each siphon rather than go tag me. Even then, I still think you can still afford to go tag me with plascrete in hand.

Essentially the deck is entirely reliant on finding two breaking news as well as the combo before the runner can find their particular response. This is super dicey because once a plascrete is on the board, you literally have no way of winning. But more problematically, by trying to play a hybrid asset spam-kill deck you end up having to sacrifice all of the tag punishment (most particularly the best defense) that gives you outs in games where you don't see your combo within the first few turns. Estelle is a powerful card, but she is only a 2 of in the deck and you have so few assets to feed her. Plus, Hacktivist makes this deck really sad as it forces you to throw out combo pieces in order to make the asset game work, or sacrifice the asset game to keep the combo in hand. This is what happened in the game I played and Hacktivist has become a clear auto-include for any remotely competitive Anarch deck right now as it is the best counter to Moonspam. I definitely don't think this deck is consistent enough in its current form to win games in competitive environments without a good deal of luck on the draw for the first few turns. You beat durdle shaper, sure, but that seems like a poor meta call atm.

Very definitely the deck needs to find space for at least three new cards: 1x Closed Accounts 1x Best Defense 1x EoI These will at least give you some outs against decks that can handle Boom (such as Siphon Whizz or any deck with plascrete).

I think you also have to change the agenda suite. It is way too easy at the moment to lose to an indexing or deep data mining into Mad Dash as you have too many 2 point agendas. I'd probably cut the turtlebacks to free up influence for at least 2xGFI. The alternative is to be more audacious and run 2xRestructured Datapool and then hope to win before the runner can steal everything. That gives you influence for a 3rd Estelle, or to keep your 2 turtlebacks while saving you a slot.

23 May 2017 Yukon

@TR1S I wasn't clear. It wasn't me that you played, so my knowledge of that game is second hand.

I think your comments are excellent ones though. However I feel you are advocating for a different deck. we either need more assets to make Moon better, or more operations to make tags better. Earlier iterations had Closed Accounts and Best Defense, both were pulled for more assets.

A methodical whizzard player is going to give any asset spam deck problems. Hacktivist will give any asset spam deck problems. Hacktivist + Maw have been heaven-sent to deal with Moon Spam.

4 2-1 Agendas is the deck's answer to hacktivist. It doesn't hurt that the deck wants to score those anyway.

Anyway. I don't think the deck is perfect (yet). But take it for a spin. Be Aggressive. It's better than you think.

23 May 2017 Myriad

Good golly, Estelle Moon really makes me want a rule where extra remotes beyond 1 costs money (like ice does).

Good deck, but I don't think I could ever sleeve it up for a play night locally. I wouldn't have any friends anymore.

23 May 2017 codychilton13

@CodeMarvelous How easy would it be to land someone with, maybe 15 tags in this deck? I could see a psycho-Beale combo in this deck, MASSIVE FAN btw lol

23 May 2017 Reutan

@codychilton13It's a great card, but what you can't see is the current heated debate about what to do with card slots amongst the Ghost Branch. We currently feel like we need a few more slots, not filling any holes.

23 May 2017 CodeMarvelous

@codychilton13 adjust to what works with you. Slots is tight

25 May 2017 BizTheDad

I just lost to a version of this deck this morning. However, that version contained a SSCG and an EOI. I wonder if finding room for those cards would create a better dual win condition deck.

19 Jun 2017 gnouff

Really good and fun deck used in Philibert store during the regional in Strasbourg in France (100% of flat).