Political Pirate (US Nats, 2nd Place)

pj20 1567

I'm not going to spend as much time on this write-up, as it's basically the same deck I played at Regionals + a Political Operative. Write-up for that here (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/50788/the-snapping-turtle-4-1-fresno-regional-)

Going to 47 cards felt bad, but also necessary, as during testing I found that I was going to get absolutely wrecked if anyone played multiple copies of Navi Mumbad City Grid. The PolOp was my out. It didn't end up being as relevant as I expected, but I was still glad I had it in there for peace of mind.

I've played literally HUNDREDS of Geist games in the past few months, so I wanted to take a deck I was comfortable with, and had good matchups across the board. The main weakness I found was HHN early, and course that's how I lost 2 games in swiss.

Otherwise, I knew this deck inside and out, backwards and forwards and with Hook + Bitey there isn't a piece of ice in the game you can't break.

Dorm Computer on an IP Block / News Hound remote was hilarious, and DC also did work against some Surveyors, as I was usually rich enough to pay into the ETR trace.

In the swiss I lost to a Gagarin and an Argus, beat a Palana and an Azmari.

In the cut, I beat a Palana, lost to Patrick's Skorp (shaking fist at turn 3 Corporate Town! lol), and beat a PU on time.

I never debated on what I was going to play at Nats, and I'm happy I stuck with my guns instead of pivoting to Val which I didn't have nearly enough practice with.

Thanks again to everyone in SF for just making me a better player. And I don't think there's a person in the world more excited for DJ Fenris than me, lol.

26 Jun 2018 BlackCherries


DJ Fenris with Hayley I presume is your preferred choice?

26 Jun 2018 pj20

@BlackCherries yup! I'll probably switch off Pirate and play Off-Campus again to get more stuff for Hayley to install

4 Jul 2018 SHIEL

@pj20Drop the Peddlers for Off-Campus Apartment and one of the Kongamato for Fenris? Or only 2 Apartments? And what do you mean, switch off Pirate?

10 Jul 2018 pj20

@Rhaplanca1001 I mean that if you want to play Fenris, I think the best way to use Hayley is not play the Kongamato/Ghabhali/Grappling stuff (pirate) and just go Regular Geist (Off-Campus w real breakers)... then you'll draw every time you install on Off-Campus and have more stuff to install with Hayley. I've been playing it lately, and now I think if you want to go Pirate, you go Hayley into Geist to save influence (instead of the other way around)

11 Jul 2018 SHIEL

Interesting! I hadn't thought of doing it that way. I'll have to try building a list from that direction and see how it goes. Thanks!

3 Aug 2018 Cluster Fox

Congrats! Brewing a Geist deck as we speak and nice to get some ideas :) Did you pair this with Asa? I took my modified version of Jukebox to Stockport regionals and made top cut :) Write up incoming, will credit you again of course ;)