Goodbye, Mumbad. (4-0 OtG)

rngnsb 173

I had a lot of fun building and playing this deck. Most of it will be gone in the next rotation, so I’m glad I was able to play them one last time.

Off the Grid was a lot of fun, even though everything new and exciting with the card pool started happening the day after it was done. Orbital Tangent gives 100% to his events regardless of turnout.

The crux of the deck is Indian Union Stock Exchange and Advanced Assembly Lines for econ, NEH and Jeeves for tempo, a bunch of good assets to make the runner sweat, and SanSan as a primary win con. The Divert Power is the spice that leads to epic turns of profit and efficiency very early in the game. Divert Power on Spin Doctor for extra draw, AAL for tons of money, bland Mumba Temple to refill it, and all of the out of faction cards that IUSE gives credits for rezzing.

Typical power turns involve installing AAL/NEH draw, install Spin, install Marilyn; rez AAL with Mumba for 5creds with IUSE, rez Spin for two cards, rez Marilyn for one cred gain with IUSE; Jeeves click to Divert Power to rez Hydra or EULA for free and do it all again, this time with an off-turn AAL install. So, that is two draws, four installs, thirteen credits, and a 2 cost Hydra rez for one turn.

Notable includes; TechnoCo, works wonders with this deck. A card the runner needs to trash, distracting them from the other assets and sneaky agendas put out with it. Also has synergy with the IUSE. If the rez/trash were a little better on TechnoCo, it would be much more prevalent. EULA is a great Divert target and perfectly taxing, even against Botulus and Boomerang. Exchange is great with a naked Tomorrow’s Headline, Jeeves click. Psycho for tag me punishment with Beales. Otherwise, just lots of engine cards.

Changes: Funhouse should be not Funhouse. Enigma, Tollbooth, something else. The Psycho and Exchange weren’t really necessary all day, but I think I stand by them. I tried many different versions of this deck. 8 is the correct number of ice. 6,7,9, and 10 are wrong numbers of ice. SanSan is so good, it’d be nice to find another. I think two HHN is right, this deck draws so hard. But, a better early guarantee of HHN would be nice, too.

OtG Swiss: Game 1: Win against Steve: They were overwhelmed with trying to manage my board, and an early IP on hq meant they were way behind all game.

Game 2: Win against Reina: They managed to draw and play three Mining Accidents and land a Wanton to clear my hand, all in the first several turns. If the game had gone a couple more turns, my board would have become swiss cheese. Fortunately, a quick start, and a couple sneaky agendas kept me ahead all game.

Game 3: Win against Adam: Played for fun after I lost my 2for1 on runner. Early hq ice kept neutralize neutralized, while I set up the engine. I think there may have been a couple unfortunate Find the Truth must trashes that hit their econ. Coasted to a score out with SanSan behind ice.

Game 4: Win against Adam: Timed win after a rough CtM match, but the game was going downhill for them very quickly. They played well and managed to pressure centrals and take care of the most problematic cards on the board. Eventually the econ was just not enough and tags were starting to stick and agendas/SanSan were getting set up behind ice.

Gods of the Grid: Game 1: Technically a Loss against Maxx: A good start and a great Magnet rez kept Maxx shut down as I scored five points. On their last turn before an inevitable score out in remote, they managed to steal seven points off the top six cards of RD with Conduit/Hivemind. RD consisted of Bellona (they couldn’t afford it), Ares, Ares, Fifteen Minutes, Beale, Beale, Tomorrow’s Headline. They had to steal four agendas including all three 3/2’s or any five of the six remaining that they could steal. There were 25-30 cards remaining in the deck, so I felt confident leaving RD open for that turn. Congratulations to my opponent for playing to their outs and not giving up.

Game 2: Win against Wu: Streamed against US National champ Sokka. Another timed win after a long, difficult Azmari match. Sokka is probably the most accurate player I have ever played against. A well established Wu engine, Mayfly/Flame-out, and Wu’s ability to fetch Misdirection made this match an absolute nail biter. Probably the only thing that clenched it for me in the 2-1 point timed win was a successful bait through EULA/Hydra/Magnet to grab a single advanced 15 Minutes. The epic last turn after time was called, with him only needing to touch a single agenda (I didn’t shuffle in 15 Minutes, I think because I didn’t think being tied on agenda points was different than being behind, and I only had two-pointers and Bellona left in RD). He assumed my ice suite was more correct than it actually was and decided to touch single accesses on RD instead of the riskier Deep Dive that could be shut off by real ETR ice. Turns out it didn’t matter, as I flipped over the rest of the approximately 12 cards in the deck and the next agenda was nine cards down. With something like 12-13 points in the bottom 5-6 cards.

Game 3: Win against Az: I was sweating bullets the whole game as I mulliganed into agendas, and they had a turn one Miss Bones. At one point, I had two Bellona, two Beale, and Tomorrow’s Headline in HQ. Fortunately I had a rezzed EULA protecting it. This deck can often out install the econ from Bones, as it did in this game. As I casually installed whatever I could get my hands on, including a bluffed Tomorrow’s headline that sat for several turns, my engine eventually grew to let me score off SanSans, get ice on RD, and win with single digit cards left in deck. This would have been a loss if they had one more credit, as they saw a Bellona with two creds in their pool and two creds on Overclock on the last turn.

14 Jul 2022 Blackwing

Why no Amani Senai?

14 Jul 2022 rngnsb

Yeah, Amani is awesome. I think I just leaned heavy into the Divert/IUSE engine. The 2 DBS were all the in-faction, costs to rez assets I felt like I could handle and still have reliable early turn momentum.