I like ICE - Only Jinteki at APAC (4-1)

Agasha 237

I like ICE, esp. big taxing ICE. Also love Jinteki, but boy, are we in a baaaad place. If Palana isn't good, then glacier isn't an option, and it's sad days for this #JintekiStan

So, given that I wanted to rez some ICE, AgInfusion seemed good. Going broke to rez a Chiyashi or Anansi feels bad, but there's a lot of recovery econ and it's great to jam a Rashida in a remote with unrezzed ICE the turn after. Come on, how bad do you want this Rashida?

The game plan here was to rez something large and then use Seamless Launch or Anoetic to protect the gendies. The suite is the classic trio of trios: MkII, Sandbox, and Obo. Sandbox is great money after a big rez if there's a Botulus or something.

I was pleasantly surprised to go 4-1. NISEI and rerouting runs is good Apoc tech. And runners in this meta don't seem to have good ways to break Chiyashi.

ICE, ICE, baby.

Notes from the Night of the Event:

Round 1 vs Motion Blur on 419. Got good money and ideal agenda arrivals. Rezzed a Chiyashi and rammed 419 into it a bunch. EZ game when you draw the nuts. 1-0

Round 2 vs Rjorb on Loup. Loup was not ready for the New Miracles for New Worlds. Loup pulls off an early Apoc when I have 4 ice on board. He then later tries to another 'Poc but can't break all the subs on Anansi and it knocks the tentacle puke from his hand. Then he goes broke trying to touch a card in a server by partially running through a DNA Tracker. No money to trash Rashida, and I am off to the races. Score two Sandbox and then jam a single advanced Obo in the server. He goes to money up, assuming that I'll get to 6, but I had the Seamless for the win. Seamless launch: a fun and powerful card when you can only play it the once. Garbage when you can recur it thanks to your ID. 2-0

Break - why? it's only five rounds. Power through! (It's 12:25 pm CST when I type this, so I don't care if the Aussie want some vegemite toast, tea, and a slice of pavlova. Get on with it. Lol.) Pavs are lovely, btw. There's a Aussie bakehouse called Banksia here in Kansas City. I can't believe there's a whole dish made of heavy cream and fruit in a delicate egg-white shell.

Muellette on MaxX Lost to big deck max with crazy ice destruction. Seemed like there were some fortunate hits (devil charms and simulchips all showing up early and often), but it was well played. If Ag is a miracle for a new world, then Hippo is a Breached Dome for that world. (Note: bring back the Dome! Or Kakugo. Or Shipment from Tennin. I get that no one wants to play against Potatoes PE, but taking all three was rough.)

Round 4 vs NTan33 on 419 Starting at nearly 3am. Why? Why am I doing this. 419 - Face planted Anansi turn 1 or 2 and lost his Amina and Bukh early. Felt like they just sort of gave up on the game. Turtle was the the breaker and boy, am I ICEd up and teched out for that turkey. Opponent was making lots of money with Rouge Trading and Doing Something Interesting with Thunder Art Gallery, but didn't really launch a comeback effort. 3-1

Round 5 vs Longi on Apoc Hoshiklo Squeaked out a win despite making a bonehead play. Game goes late and surprise, Hoshiko is really Gene Hackman from Enemy of the State. I got confused rerouting runs on centrals and let Omar call his noodle naplam strike. I had a Nisei token and could have stopped the 'poc, There was a single advanced Nisei in the remote, which went to archives. Sads. But Spin Doctor is not only a card, but a great card. Even though I was probably wrong not to stop the 'Poc, all the money I saved not rezzing ICE created an endgame where I was rich and flooded and my opponent was broke and rightfully scared of the unrezzed ICE. Recurred some goodies with Spin Doctor, IAA and obo behind an unrezzed Chiyashi. Opponent draws up to hopefully run through an Anansi and steal OBO for the win. But it was not Anansi and Chiyashi don't give a fuck. 7 with paperclip or lose those cards. New Miracles for New Worlds, indeed. 4-1.

Thanks to all my opponents, to NISEI and esp. Inactivist for running things for us. And also, a special shout out to the fine folks at AgInfusion. Let's hope the New Miracles for our world are an end to this pandemic and a ban to some of this purple stuff.

16 Aug 2021 nbkelly

10/10 Best Jinteki at APAC. Congrats on going 4-1.

16 Aug 2021 Agasha

@nbkellyAnd also worst, right? Your deck looks like a lot of fun and ton of outs. Will have to jam some. Looking forward to seeing you at Intercontinentals.

16 Aug 2021 qvm

Glad that someone is still playing Ag<3

16 Aug 2021 Havvy

I was looking at Aginfusion decks and I'm glad to see one do so well! If you don't mind me asking - did La Costa Grid not take your fancy?

16 Aug 2021 Agasha

@Havvy Sure, happy to share thought process, though no idea if it's correct. It essentially came down to slots and me wanting ICE / econ more than La Costa. Since most of the agendas are 4/2s, I can install / advance / Anoetic or install / advance / add a piece of ice to the server. The more standard Ag decks do play La Costa, so it may also be my desire to let my special snowflake sparkle.

If I was going to add something, it might honestly be more ICE or another Anoetic.

What do you think? Ideas for what you'd drop / slot? #MakeAgGreatAgain

16 Aug 2021 13ird

Thanks for the wonderful write up and for bringing Jinteki! I'm a newer player, and I tend to play Corp decks that are awash with credits for that reason. Looking at the high rez cost of your key ice, I'm wondering how often you click for credits in this deck, and how it feels econ-wise. This identity looks like a lot of fun!

17 Aug 2021 Agasha

@13irdOf course! Always take notes during online tournaments because my memory isn't any good. I often go broke or nearly broke rezzing ICE. The best recovery is a NGO into Hansei / Hedge. There were a few times when I had to click for credits or purge for 4 credits. With Ag, the beauty is that a rezzed Chiyashi on one server is good protection for all other servers with installed unrezzed ICE, and the Ag fire is free. It's a fun and different ID, for sure, and one that punishes fast runners.