1st Place Regional Göttingen "Wild sneaky Andy"

JackMade 2647

3-2 overall. Lost against AgInfusion and CI in swiss. Undefeated in the cut.

  • Rebirth for Steve most of the time.
  • Rosetta 2.0 is good, especially with 3 Sneakdoor Beta and Crescentus.
  • Deuces Wild is a good card in criminal ( expose + make a run > draw 2 > 3 credits > remove a tag)
5 Jul 2017 ff0X

My record of the day with the deck was 4-0 in swiss, 1-1 in the cut (lost to @JackMadeJackmade). Played against Sync, Sol, Sync, Palana, (1st round I have forgotten)

Deuces Wild is great to gain the information which breaker is needed. Rosetta fetches that breaker easily, especially when Sneakdoor is obsolete.

I used Rebirth into Steve most of the time, too. 5 Aaron Marron is just mean against Sync. :D

10 Jul 2017 sleye

@ ff0X qq