Forever MaxX 💯 [1st @ NSG Eternal #2]

lukifer 1244

"anarchy 100"

As a long-time Big MaxX player, I couldn't resist the temptation to throw together a pile of 100 random Anarch cards with everybody's favorite punk rocker. Turns out orange cards are good: it went undefeated* in the NSG Eternals #2 tournament, against three purple decks: AoT, CI, and Sports.

(*One unnecessary timed tie: I literally forgot that I had Keyholed an agenda earlier 🤷‍♂️)

The MaxX synergy with Steelskin and Strike Fund is absolutely nuts: on a few random turns during the game, your deck will just hand you two cards or two credits, no questions asked.

The list could definitely be better:

  • Went to an even 100 for fun, but 70-80ish is probably objectively better for this play style.

  • A few cards I would have have included, if I hadn't forgotten they existed: Parasite, Street Peddler, Inject.

  • Clan Vengeance did nothing; it's a long-shot to combo with Zer0 or Bankhar with so many cards. Unless the list is seriously trimmed down, Rumor Mill might be a better use of points.

  • Build Script was great tempo, but the inf is probably better spent on Pinhole and/or Stoneship (to dodge kills from BOOM! and Rewiring).

  • Strangely, Same Old Thing might be too slow for the format, at least for "good stuff Anarch" targets. (Scarcity is also a problem.)

  • I left out Hippo and Carver because I was expecting an ice-light meta; that mostly wasn't the case for my matchups.

A couple stream games:

Round 1 vs Daine

Round 3 vs YsencrinSC