Uber Charged Garbage Collector - 4th @ IKoS 2023

koga 1397

The emphasis is on "Garbage"

This was a fun experiment meant for our Italian King of Servers. Now that Boat is out of the game, I really wanted to explore charge a bit more and see what cool targets could be found. This time around, it was District 99.

There's a ton of interesting things that can be done with it. You can get infinite recursion of Harbinger + Pawnshop thanks to Simulchip, infinite Euler or Gauss installs, infinite Pelangi, infinite Gbahali or Kongamato + Vial combos, infinite Maker's Eye + WAKE. Interestingly, things actually seem to work, though you're a bit slow. This is part of the reason why I ended up 0-5, with a 5 points Asa Punitive death, a timed loss to trap PE, an Asa MAD Boom combo death, a Sports loss and an iceless Thule loss, both on points. So yeah, that was fun :D