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Hey Ands,

Check out this flier I found by the public terminals today! Worth a look for our next job?




PRāPTi cybSupply

Even YOU all can achieve the 'spiritual' power of Unrestricted Access To All Places®*Just use these principled supply for intents and purposes.

Prosperity - Sure Gamble, Daily Casts, Account Siphon, Temüjin Contract, Security Testing
Action - Autoscripter, Doppelgänger, Jak Sinclair
Choice/Decision? - Hostage, Special Order, Rebirth
Fidelity - New Angeles City Hall, HQ Interface, Dr. Lovegood, The Turning Wheel
Effortless - Sahasrara, The Supplier, Employee Strike, Drug Dealer
Dexterious - Saker, Golden, Peregrine, Vamadeva

*not implicated actual unrestricted access to 'all' places.

What are they saying.

"It just works." -Anony Runner

"I love the feeling of unrestricted accesses". -Anony Guru

"Not really for me, but I like." -Paige Piper

"Just remembers: PAC/D?FED" -PRāPTi CEO

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Details Instructions

1) Win credit war with Supplier, Sahasrara, run econ,
2) Extra runs/clicks.
3a) Light ICE Corps: Call Vamadeva and Jak early. No worry about other breakers until you all must. Give extra clicks to pressure and simultaneous improve rig;
3b) Heavy ICE Corps: Focus setup rig and econ first. Only pester Corp with runs to purchase time. Save Temüjin for HQ runs. Construct board state where rez ICE equals to Corp self-Vamp

Think. Everything has a start, a middle...and finnish.

[note: consider The Source to buy some extra-setup time, but...WHY?! that card costs 2.00 influence!?]


10 Nov 2016 PureFlight

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11 Nov 2016 analogBrad

Received a suggestion from @manicmoleman to ditch Doppelgänger for The Gauntlet. This allows Khan to swap an HQ interface for a Phermomones. I love the Doppelgänger clicks, but Gauntlet seems to better fit with the strategy of Khan's rig that destroys the value proposition of any ICE that isn't cheap. Vamadeva still takes care of the rest.