what not to do (0-5, OKORINA 2)

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doctor doctor, gimme the news

Dr. Lovegood: Bioroid Specialist
40/25, 1 link
When your turn begins, you may choose one of your installed cards. If you do, the text box of that card is blank for the remainder of the turn.

Okay, let's get this out of the way: this isn't a good deck. But I feel like there's something that can be done in Dr. Lovegood, even if this isn't it. The good doctor had 3 scoreouts and 2 flatlines; once flatlined by net (facechecked a Psychic Field click 4 turn 3, followed by Neural EMP) and once by meat (I forgot that The Cleaners can do 3 meat damage with a High-Profile Target, so floating a single tag isn't safe). In the others, I had between 2 and 5 points and just couldn't bring it home.

As for how we got here, I wanted to play Dr. Lovegood because ... I just did, I guess. I like playing the mini-factions casually, and I feel like Adam's one of the strongest with FFG's additional support - he's got hardware and program tutoring. multiaccess, peeking at the top of R&D, stupid ice bypass tricks, and a console that does what you want when you want to run lots of support programs- nothing fancy, just lots of memory. The doctor, meanwhile, also figures into what is a decent combo for buying yourself time to win the game (namely himself + The Black File) but installing him often feels bad, and that 1 influence could almost always be spent somewhere better.

So the deck literally started with a single copy of The Black File and a smattering of neutral econ and draw + good Adam-faction cards. From there, I started looking at the other cards that are decent if blanked on your turn, which is a fairly small list:

  • Lewi Guilherme provides soft HQ pressure, and combos decently with NAT.
  • Drug Dealer replicates Adam's clickless draw.
  • Stim Dealer was considered, but the decisions on when to blank it are pretty complicated; ideally you want to hold the brain damage until it wouldn't hurt too much to take. The downsides are that it costs 4 to install, 3 more influence, and in a 40 card deck, there are very few cards you don't want.

So in went Lewi and Drug Dealer. After that, a single Isolation came in as a really good flex slot - it can nuke a connection if you need to, say, get rid of a Drug Dealer so you can blank The Black File, or it can make that last tick of a Daily Casts come early and pay off harder, or it can just get value if you installed something off of Paladin Poemu that doesn't factor into the match.

The rest of the deck kind of built itself; Career Fair for the pricy resources, Paladin Poemu to help with installs, our lord and savior the orb for drip. The breaker suite is just 3 really good breakers, or at least 2 good breakers and 1 okay breaker that only costs 1 inf.

Anyway, in the end, it didn't pan out, unlike my corp deck. But OKORINA is a really fun alternate format that I think people ought to look at next time to rolls around, and I made a pitch in the after-event survey that I think Lovegood might do okay with an extra inf or two since he's pretty underpowered for a minifac - it's no five clicks forever or free clickless runs - and it's probably that taking a hint from all the Donut Taganes decks and running Security Nexus, resource econ, etc. would be a better option.

22 Aug 2020 Testrunning

I think just being boring and playing only 3 drug dealers might be better. Also find the truth is a good card.

Regarding the general power level: you can view lovegood as an adam with two cards less installed and 5 deck size less. This seems to be roughly equaling out. But considering that adam is already a bit worse than normal runners and that corps seem stronger in okorina, a buff could be justified.