how much work would a skunkwork work [29th UK Nats]

l0velace 233

It's Depth & Taxes, but I'm morally opposed to the concept of Salvo Testing! (note: questioning the morals of anyone running Formicary/Manegarm/Stegodon is not advised).

This deck, along with my ice-throwing runner, carried me through the best Netrunner I've ever played (entirely based on performance/size of tournament), landing me in the top 32 at UK Nats, with a new testing group (hello Quear Earth Hub) and a new set of pronouns (hello... it/its?). It was lovely seeing lots of familiar faces and plenty of new ones, and I can't wait for next year!

15 Nov 2023 AceEmpress

further evidence to the fact that pro netrunner leads to pro nouns

15 Nov 2023 not_yeti

I would have tilted so hard against this deck, well done!

16 Nov 2023 goodcontext

Great deck, I tried and beat the best Netrunner I've ever played.

@happy wheels