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Diegaccio 90

2-1 on a friendly local tournament

I liked the idea of ​​playing False Flag in a NBN: Reality Plus deck and was looking for a way to do it.

So I decided to make a deck that protects the central servers with fast and tag-bad-ass-ICE like Ping, Funhouse, IP Block VS Aumakua, Authenticator ecc… So I can use the to do Quantum Predictive Model without doing nothing. 15 Minutes is also protected and Global Food Initiative count just 2 point for the runner. With 3 News Team is really hard for the runner reach 7 point. Us, instead, can use traps (False flag but also Gene Splicer) to score points in the remote (this is a single-remote deck)

Tag is a way to gain credits and slow the runner. Is easy for them to take just 1 or 2 tag and remove them before the end of their turn. But if the runner made a mistake (or play tag me) it’s a Win. Exchange of Information or Psychographics can be used to made easy point

Snare! is expansive but with our ID we take back 2 credits… and sometimes punish who came to see RnD often