The First Android

LeonardQuirm 968

Theory-crafting for Adam - I haven't had chance to try this yet. Start running early with Dirty Laundry and Demolition Run, then smoothly transition into using recurring counters from 4-strength Overminds hosted on London Library.

I wouldn't expect to keep the directives all game, and especially looking at losing Always Be Running once London Library/Overmind/e3 Feedback Implants is ready. But which ones exactly you keep may depend on the matchup and your game plan. The plan may prove massively click-short without Hayley's free install and Autoscripter, but this is a hopefully interesting idea to resolve Adam's lack of breakers.

15 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

A Medium might be really nice if you see your Demo Runs late. In general I think R&D multiaccess is a good call for this build.

I'm not sure it's worth taking D4v1d over Autoscripter, due to the synergy with the rest of your deck. It plays really well with e3 Feedback Implants but otherwise I'm not sure it's necessary with 3 STR Overminds hitting the field for 2 every turn.

The LARLA also seems somewhat superfluous, as you have lots of resource econ. You could keep the D4v1d and still take the Autoscripter if you made that cut.