[Sunset] Infinite Loup - 3rd @ 2024-02 Sunset AMT

xiaat 1311

It's a Loup deck. It just works.
just works
Loss of Paladin Poemu hurt the midgame cash a bit more than I expected. If I had to play again I'd swap -1 Hippo +1 Fermenter. We have a Tranq that does a similar thing to Hippo anyways, often better.

3 Mar 2024 xiaat

I also took 4th place at the 2024-03 Sunset AMT with the changes I alluded to above.
This deck went 1-3 so I guess I was carried by my corp. It's hard to put a finger on anything specific that hurt the performance so much, aside from rolling not the most favorable matchups in general. Having dozens of key decision points in every game doesn't help, especially playing these long distance events: there's more room for suboptimal choices. Practice makes perfect. 🙂