Could Shapers go faster? Hold my beer and watch this

Diogene 3793

Pelangi is the most broken shaper card.

Game plan : Contest anything for cheap and Deep Dive to win.

Mulligan plan : you want any of the trifecta - Basilar Synthgland 2KVJ, Mystic Maemi, Paladin Poemu.

hold my beer

Build you rig for the Deep Dive. While doing that, pressure the corp by contesting anything with any breaker and Pelangi. When the corp see Anansi broken for 3 by using Propeller or Euler, they will feel it.

AirbladeX (JSRF Ed.) is important against Jinteki and NBN. You should also install it against Ob and Thule. This will avoid getting your Deep Dive sniped.

All your breakers are cheap and can be summoned back with Simulchip. And Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician will move ice around to make things easier.

Basilar Synthgland 2KVJ is 3x because we want it as early as possible. This will compensate for the weak draw power of the deck. Marrow will give you back your full hand.

This is a rather straightforward deck. Its weakness is asset spam, for which we do not have any tools. If you face an asset spam deck, Deep Dive could allow you to shorten the game enough before the board get too wild, but it will be a tight race.


12 Feb 2024 London

Pelangi is always a fun card. I'm surprised to see marrow over hippocampic to save inf and creds. The deck doesn't seem super MU constrained, but I imagine pantograph is always nice, or even Hermes, we are Tao after all. Another influence spend could be bankhar given we already have airblades. But this is a lot of slots to add, cuts may be hard to find.

13 Feb 2024 Diogene

@London You are correct! This deck does not need more MU. So we could swap Marrow for Hippocampic Mechanocytes, giving us 4 influences!

From my further tests, I think you can do -1 Euler. Now we have 4 inf and 1 free slot. I'll test further. Cheers!

14 Feb 2024 xdg

Wheels? Boomerang? But slots are hard.

14 Feb 2024 Diogene

@xdg yeah, slots are difficult. I'm trying to find a middle ground between draw and economy. While basilar is good, 2 core damages is rough. With Hippocampic Mechanocytes, we lose 3 cards, which means we need to draw those cards.

Any ideas?

14 Feb 2024 xdg

Not sure what you mean that Mechanocytes loses 3 cards, other than 2 from Basilar and 1 from Mechanocytes. But Marrow is the same with the core damage.

What about: -2 Marrow, -1 Euler, +2 Mechanocytes, +1 Steelskin? Not sure what to cut to spend the remaining 2 inf, through.

Spicier alternative: -2 Marrow, -1 Euler, -2 Laundry, +2 Mechanocytes, +1 Chastushka, +2 Spec Work (for extra value before chipping back programs).

14 Feb 2024 London

If draw is a problem what about Joy Ride? I like boomerang to help the aggression plan too.