Triple Deep Dive Sable but S-Dobrado

Zoehope 254

After UK Nats, I've been experimenting with Swift Sable instead of Hermes.

This list is Ryanbantwins list, with some added S-Dobrado power.

The idea for this change came up in a game I played with Baa Ram Wu on j-net for their stream, and I wanted to test it out as soon as the words were uttered. Thanks for the inspo! It seemed so right with Sable's unhealthy interest in central servers.

To do that dream, I cut one Pinhole Threading and one Inside Job. I didn't miss the extra Pinhole, but I missed my consummate professional pal in one game, quite a lot.

I played it at the Nottingham 2023 H2 CO and ranked 8th overall. My Corp deck would like to take full credit for the successes of the day, classic greedy conglomerate styley.

Overall, I am going to test this idea out more, hard to say if its better after three games. It felt cumulatively hard today to lose on the runner side 3/3 after winning 4/4 with the runner side last outing, last week. But I don't think S-Dobrado is the reason. I didn't get into "the flow" with my running at the Nottingham CO but that's not to say Dobrado isn't a good swap. TBC in 2024.


Appreciation to Ryanbantwins for sharing your list.

For my Runner games: Thanks to slandernlies for an enjoyable(!) PD game, which showed the limits of Deep Dive Life. It was great to get to play with you! Thanks to my lovely QEH compatriot l0velace for schooling me with House of Knives, and to CobraBubbles, for my first ever tag-me-attempt. It might have worked, had I not got so complacently trash happy with that Mavirus..... (nah honestly I think you were playing so well you'd have had it regardless, congrats on your finish, you deserve the top points for how well you played).

Finally, a massive shout out to dreadmaw for organising this lovely CO event. It was fun to try SSS format, even though I wanted to give out more tags. Always.

So lovely to see everyone else, you rule, and play netrunner all day. What a lovely end to the year. Bring on 2024!

11 Dec 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Baa Wam Ru is defo gonna be my next Smurf Account.

Or maybe a festive special - Baa Wham Ru!


11 Dec 2023 Zoehope

@Baa Ram Wu LOL. Sorry. Have corrected your name to its actualness, for the fullness of time.... thought I do think Wham! Ru is just right for the holidays!

11 Dec 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Oh - I quite liked the mistype! :D