HQ pressure Start Up Loup

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This list tries to win by trashing all the wincons of the corp from HQ or the board instead of their ICE like last week. I brought this to our Berlin startup event, where it went 2-1, dying to a way too greedy Bellonasteal.

Set Up

Early on you get accesses with Botulus and Tranquilizer, hopefully with an early Imp, to not only slow them down but also accelerate yourself. Look for Botulus and Cookbook in your opening hand. 1 Breaker + 1 Botulus with Simulchip-Shenanigans should be enough for the first couple turns to contest the remote.

Mid to End game

Once you are setup, breaking into server becomes way to cheap. Even when they purge, with the start of turn virus counter on Botulus you can get into centrals for your leeches and start breaking every ICE for 1 or 2 again.

Try to lock the remote and then clear out HQ with Docklands Pass.

Card choices

The Nihilist is an actual good card, when you have an Tranquilizer doing nothing right now. With how triggers work you can first put the 3rd counter on Tranquilizer to derez and the take to from it for your draw.

Mimic will be really sad, when people start playing Archer or advance Colossus a bunch, but most of the time it isn't even needed and Botulus suffices.

Spec Work was a missclick that I only noticed during the event, but it also kinda works here? I didn't see it though.


That's the big problem. with only Docklands Pass and Facekick there's just not a lot there. With your early pressure, cheap breaking lategame and HQ disruption it still kinda worked out :)

Maybe snakey and Spec Work for a Conduit? MU is pretty tight though and The Nihilist likes his virus counters.

Thanks a lot 5N00P1 for organizing the event and everyone else who participated.

11 May 2021 bowlsley

This is great. I've got a very similar Loup deck in the works and have also been finding that Nihilist does surprisingly well - I've been mainly charging it from Fermenter tokens but Tranq is an even better idea!

12 May 2021 114141

@bowlsleythe Reina start up dotw last month inspired the combination of cards. It was played at our first Berlin StartUp Event, but all people cut the Nihilist before trying. Turns out it's actually not bad.

Maybe I should try to tackle the big fishs of the GLC start-up league again ;)