Wide Wu - Ist place Salford CO

Sauc3 98

I was intrigued by a deck idea I saw on Sokka's stream a while back (again, can't recommend highly enough, although this specific idea actually came from another user lost to the twitch chat history, let me know if it was you!)

I adore the bin breakers (yes, even the bad ones) and this was using them in an interesting way. I played around with it a bit towards the end of rotation and it was fun, and when the engine was allowed to finally rev up was pretty unstoppable. It did of course fold to fast decks such as PD and so I left it alone. Then along comes MS, PD dies a death and shaper is now bustedboatTM so I thought I'd revisit it.

I begrudgingly swapped BlOrch for Engolo to help slightly with early pressure and the Pinhole and DJ were just to sink influence but I managed to play both in multiple matchups and they did a lot of work. Added Boat because Boat (but Pantograph may in retrospect still fit the gameplan better.) Environmental Testing definitely fit the plan nicely so I chucked it in. It could be argued that the deck has enough econ, but it is great at helping the set up phase along and definitely smurfed in the game that all my Aesop's were in the last 10 cards!

My thinking behind bringing the deck was that it has easy tech for a lot of the common current matchups: mad econ engine for Azmari glacier, Misdirection for HHN, Stoneship for Ob Kill Combo, the fact that it has a stupid amount of cards to feed to PE grinder, and it does have Clot to attempt to gum up FA, although I was def scared of sports matchup. Something that has just occurred to me is that if rigshooter does become a bigger part of the meta this deck could be a good option to have, especially if you go back to the original BlOrch.

So yes, it is a a big, unwieldy pile of cards, and it did get lucky and miss the only other full speed Sports in the small field, but if Sports takes some kind of hit, it could be an option to have in your pocket. I will not be taking this to continentals though!

Round 1 Win vs Sports:

It was an unusually ice heavy build running 3 GFIs, managed to snipe all 3 off the top, so got v. lucky!

Round 2 Loss vs rushy/FA BtL:

Was running on shaper autopilot and misplayed the matchup. Spec worked a harbinger rather than getting Clot in the bin early, although they had enough of a tempo advantage to win through clot anyway..

Round 3 Timed Win 4/3 vs Anti-boat Acme:

Scored a couple of early agendas with Flamed Out Mayflys but then agendas eluded both me and my opponent for a good while. Despite also missing my Aesops I made enough cash to actually consider installing boat for once. Hatchet Jobbed straight back to hand.. Luckily no more agendas were anywhere to be found by either player!

Round 4 Win vs RH:

Some reckless disregard for spiders revealed an abundance of cheap code gates and Engolo + an early DJ Steve allowed me to keep up the pressure and snipe agendas from centrals.

Thanks to mcg for running a great tournament!

I would encourage everyone to get down to their local CO no matter their experience, it is a huge amount of fun and who knows, you could get lucky with your matchups like me and come away with the silverware!

15 Aug 2022 Paillu

I'm in love with this list. Obsessed, even. I think it's everything I've wanted in a Wu list but haven't quite hit with my brews. Good job!