Open For Business - Gatineau MultiZone Store Championship

amavric 1492

This is my rush Titan deck that I have been playing since the 2015 Regional's season. The basic idea is to score quickly while maintaining a credit advantage, as to be able to threaten a Midseasons, and then follow up with whichever form of tag-punishment seems the most reasonable. Scoring an early Atlas is key, as it gives you the ability to tutor for Midseasons and any other combo cards required.

Once the runner is sufficiently 'located', the deck has two viable win conditions:

1) There's been a terrible accident

The runner suffers an unfortunate hopper accident, and upon limping home, their apartment is aggressively renovated. A very good plan against those annoyingly resilient Anarch's. Less acclimatized runners can be dealt with the old fashioned 'two block wipe-out', which has been an effective means of negotiation since the core set.

2) Know your clientele

With sufficient information on your prospective customer base, get ready to expand at a less-than-responsible rate! Over-advancing a Project Atlas for a single click allows near-unlimited access to the entirety of your R&D. Harnessing the power of our favourite executive, alongside a sufficient supply of Atlas tokens, one can perform the fast-advance investment combo. Instructions follow:

Click One:

Click Two:

Click Three:

Rinse and repeat. Use responsibly (or don't. Remember, you are a bank. That sort of stuff is largely unregulated).

Having access to multiple forms of tag punishment is crucial, as a well-armoured runner might leave the trigger-happy board members of the Weyland Consortium high and dry. Psychographics is a bit more tricky to stop with Clot as well as other fast-advance hate, and this tag-punishment flexibility, alongside the ability to simply rush to 7 points before the runner can prepare to deal with your antics, makes for quite a potent rush deck.

The slower economies and cards-as-breakers setup of various popular Anarch decks makes for many favourable matchups. Bonus points if you manage to score a High-Risk Investment, Midseasons' best friend.

Here's some video of it doing its thing. Enjoy!

29 Mar 2016 ABushelOfGoats

very nice build andrej. love the channel!

29 Mar 2016 TKMaximus

Love the channel, knew I had to try the deck after seeing the video. Seems like the win conditions of this deck are hard countered by film critic, would a 1x Snatch and Grab (replacing 1 Beanstalk or Excalibur) not be beneficial?

30 Mar 2016 HandsomeMonkey

Thoughts on Caduceus vs Shadow? Seems a little ice light for Weyland, but I guess you never ice remotes...

30 Mar 2016 iceqs

@TKMaximus it is no way the only win condition of this deck. The Runner has to find the Critic first, which is usually an one-off. Even if they do find it in a reasonable amount of time, they still have to deal with the usual speed of a rush deck and it is hella scary when it is from Titan.

30 Mar 2016 amavric

@TKMaximus Film Critic is definitely not a great thing to see on the other side of the table, but if you can go fast enough you can usually beat it to the punch. After realizing you are not running numerous 3 point agendas (ruling out Punitive Counterstrike) I don't think most runners would bother installing the Critic anyways, unless the Midseasons is out of the bag. I'm not the biggest fan of Snatch and Grab in decks that lack some sort of persistent income, as investing the majority of your credits snuffing the Critic will likely cause you to be unable to land the Midseasons later on.

All that being said, I was eliminated in the double eliminations of the 2015 Regionals by a runner who, due to their lack of Film Critic, decided to Imp away all of my agendas instead. This does pose an argument for tossing in a single SEA Source (either in place of the Archived Memories or the second Midseasons), which circumvents these problems. I presently opt against this as Anarchs are incredibly hard to kill through a single SEA Source.

@HandsomeMonkey I love Shadow. Caduceus and Shadow are similar pieces of ICE, which although punishing to facecheck, do fall off mid-game when you start doling out the bad publicity. With one or two bad publicity (heaven forbid a or two), runners can get through your Caduceus relatively painlessly, not even requiring a breaker. If you're lucky, you do rez it for free (if you can regain the 3 through the trace), but compare that to a Shadow which you always rez for a single credit if the runner doesn't have the proper breaker. Even with bad publicity, Shadow always stays relevant, acting as a pseudo Pop-up Window, demanding a breaker if the runner wants to deny you those sweet, sweet credits. I think the facecheck on the Shadow is worse for the runner too: either the runner pays ~2 (hello Datapike, or the runner pays 2 and loses a click to remove a tag (hello Datapike, meet Enigma). Best case scenario the runner is foolish enough to run last click and you land the tag and go straight for the kill.

30 Mar 2016 WayneMcPain

I never would have thought to use Jackson Howard and Project Atlas to recur Psychographics. Very cool! Also that game was great and I love your channel. Keep the Weyland dream alive!

5 Apr 2016 surtur

Why did you choose Mother Goddess?

6 Apr 2016 amavric

@surtur Mother Goddess is a hold over from times in my meta where Shapers were everywhere. Rushing an Atlas behind a Mother Goddess was super effective, as most green decks' answer was to SMC a 4-strength Atman, spending around 10 and allowing for an easy Midseasons. I have since swapped the Goddess out for another Spiderweb, which is more consistently relevant in my meta.

8 Apr 2016 The Broken Meeple

Seems a little dependent on that Midseasons though - what if you haven't drawn it? What if they steal an agenda and you don't have the cash for whatever reason? If Midseasons doesn't land, you have no plan.

17 Apr 2016 DJP

Love this deck. I have been a bit stale on the corp side, until I found this deck. It is great. I made a criminal player cringe when I scored a High Risk Investment. I am not sure about the Hive, might try a Taurus or Fire Wall. Thanks for the inspiration

14 Jun 2016 pygreg

I love this list, made any changes after the recent data packs? Salem would be influence free...

15 Jun 2016 Jaasau

Great Deck. I'm however interested in why you picked Shadow over Hunter. I personally view Hunter as the superior tracer due to not being as weak to Parasite and being harder to break.

28 Jun 2016 amavric

@pygreg The new datapacks have been quite kind to this archetype. Mostly, Consulting Visit is absolutely nuts, and makes so many things so much easier. Being able to pull a Midseasons at almost any point in the game allows you to run only one copy and save four influence (that influence has been used on a a SEA Source and the new Exchange of Information, which is fantastic when we're already running 3 pointers alongside 1 pointers.) On top of that, being able to tutor Psychographics and kill pieces is bonkers. Due to all this inherent easy tutoring, I've switched to playing Blue Sun: Powering the Future, as the ICE is better, and not having to spend real credits on ICE (which the runner breaks for free with Faust...) makes landing the Midseasons much easier (Consulting an Oversight AI is also pretty sweet). I am able to toss in a Salem's Hospitality, but not sure if the slot is worth it, as Traffic Accident is usually good enough.

@Jaasau Against a runner with one and one bad publicity, Hunter only becomes one credit to dodge the trace, without requiring a breaker. Shadow comes up the same regarding the trace, but having a non-trace subroutine which gives you credits is key. This is a really big deal after the Midseasons lands, and the runner does not care about tags. Hunter would be a blank piece of ICE at that point, while Shadow helps you recover from dumping all of your money into the Midseasons. Parasite is the unfortunate downside. That being said, if the runner Parasite's an ICE that costs 1 (after rebate), it's usually not the worst thing.