Lucky Lat (2nd @ January Startup Tournament)

Odol 917

This is a standard big rig shaper list that got me to 2nd place of the January Startup Tournament this weekend. The plan is to set up fast while contesting the remote and Khusyuk for the win.

The list itself is nothing to write home about, and my wins were mostly the result of being lucky on Khusyuks or using the Lucky Charm to get pass the Anoetic Void - hence the name.

I am still undecided between Cleaver and Corroder as the correct fracter. The singleton Wildcat Strike could also easily be a Tread Lightly or another Leech. The decision not to slot a single resource comes from the assumption that there is little tag punishment in Startup - I have not seen a Retribution in months, and Predictive Planogram is often a trap that makes the corp draw cards when they do not need them just to exploit what they believe to be a full value of this card. With no resources in the list, I am more than happy to go tag-me.

I would like to thank YsengrinSC for organizing an awesome event and all the great people who paticipated. Rock on!

16 Jan 2022 DonLoverGate

I've been p successful with this kinda build, what do you think?

20 Jan 2022 ArminFirecracker

I've tried it out. This is a very well tuned deck.

22 Jan 2022 Johnathan

Exactly what I needed! You just saved me several hours. Thanks!