FROG BOAT FROG (3rd @ Berlin Startup CO)

Girometics 2815

So I brought this list to the CO and while it didn't win as many games as I hoped (1 out of 3), there has always been a winning line in each loss (which as can be seen I did not take), and I think this shell has real merit, it just needs to be refined.

So, few thoughts:

In Startup, I think Deep Dive is a better win condition for Arissana than Conduit, since you don't have Kyuban to fuel you runs and your boat counters will run out if you try to facilitate your runs that way.

In the early to mid game, the Endurance together with Slap Vandal lets you simply walk through most early game ice. With the notable exception of Bran, most ice can be broken efficiently with Cleaver or Echelon or is a high strength code gate, for which you use Cezve to pump your Hyperbaric if you're not using those credits to fuel your ID. Bran and Pharos can be dealt with by painting them.

Another shout out goes to Red Team, which is cheaper to install for you with UAV. In my testing, I found that the best way to play this deck is to keep making runs to get value out of your ID and accumulate boat counters to prep for a Deep Dive or two, and using Red Team instead of Liberated Account let's you do that while still allowing you to accumulate the credits to shake your tags.