En Passant!

Two_EG 563

I was toying around Cybernetics Steve, which uses Cybernetics + Tremolo + Steelskin Scarring for some mega-jank.

Just to realize they're all bullshit, and also realize two FAOs I tucked in work quite well. (No need to faceplant against Anansi again!)

So I overhauled all my decks around FAO. Ideally, this deck won't have any problem against any ice sets.

All Low STR ICE: Good old Turtle.

Single-Double Sub ICE: Botulus, Boomerang.

High-Cost ICE: Tranquilizer.

And you can check all these ice types in advance, with Forged Activation Orders.

En Passant is a perfect card here. Run aggressively in the early game, make them poor, trash unrezzed ICE. If you really want to remove Tranquilized ICE from the board, use it. Inside Job + En Passant is a notable cute combo.

And all these dirty things recur with your ID ability!

En Passant! En Passant! En Passant!

24 Mar 2023 Jai

Holy hell!

24 Mar 2023 NotAgain

Thanks a lot for posting, seems super fun!

24 Mar 2023 x3r0h0ur

Tread lightly is dope in these decks, corps will think they can just fade 1 tread lightly and allow an access, then you hit 'em with the ol en passant.

25 Mar 2023 Two_EG

@x3r0h0ur Using Tread Lightly with En Passant works well. Maybe -1 Asmund -1 Tranquil +2 Treads

26 Mar 2023 419

Crim DNA - weaving, bouncing, jumping - nothing shaper about it and just a twinge of anarch spice. Tremendous.