Project Mayhem

timurleng 161

Are you sick of getting Scorched? Midseason Replacements got you down? Tired of having to put Film Critic in every deck?

How would you like to flatline a corp? Yes, really. This is a single-turn killshot deck.

The premise of this deck is simple - play solitare for about ten turns while you build your combo, and then go burn down R&D.


The Combo: Hyperdriver + DDoS + False Echo + Fear the Masses

  1. DDoS + False Echo to prevent the Corp rezzing any HQ ICE - pop DDoS, and use False Echo for each ICE you pass. Corp can't rez due to DDoS, has to bounce the ICE to HQ, now the next ICE is the outermost and can't be rezzed, repeat. If the corp only has one ICE on HQ, you don't even need False Echo

  2. Fear the Masses runs over and over again until the Corp is decked. With Same Old Thing and Hyperdriver, you can do 6+ Fear the Masses runs in one turn for 30+ cards burned from R&D

How to build the combo: Draw through your entire deck as fast as possible, while saving your combo cards on Bookmark.

You need to get a Bookmark out as fast as possible for a couple reasons:

  1. Keep your combo safe from damage / exposure - losing even one piece can break the whole thing. Additionally, if the Corp sees one of the combo pieces they may be able to react and stop it from happening.

  2. Keep your hand clear so you don't have to discard and maximize Game Day draw potential

Cards that should be Bookmarked- these cards are dead weight / vulnerable until the combo is ready:

You need to install two of the Hyperdrivers on a Leprechaun to have enough MU for everything you need. You can put the third Hyperdriver and Magnum Opus on the other Leprechaun if you want, but it is not necessary.

Your combo is ready to fire when you have:

  1. All three Hyperdrivers and all three Same Old Thing installed

  2. All Fear the Masses, DDoS, and False Echo (as many as Corp has ICE on HQ beyond the first) in hand / Bookmarked

  3. About ten credits, +1 for each False Echo you need to install

This usually takes about ten turns +/- one turn to setup.

The "Showtime" turn:

  1. Pop all three Hyperdrivers for 13 clicks total

  2. Pop Bookmark to get everything in hand

  3. Install DDoS and pop it

  4. Install as many False Echo as needed

  5. Trash any Jackson & Museum of History & Crisium Grid that you are able

  6. Fear the Masses run from hand, reveal 5 = 6 cards burned, total 6

  7. Same Old Thing Fear the Masses, reveal 5 = 6 cards burned, total 12

  8. Same Old Thing Fear the Masses, reveal 5 = 6 cards burned, total 18

  9. Same Old Thing Fear the Masses, reveal 5 = 6 cards burned, total 24

  10. Fear the Masses run from hand, reveal 4 = 5 cards burned, total 29

Repeat until corp is decked.

At this point you can go get agendas from archives if you like, or if you are sure there is no Jackson or Museum of History on the table and they are out of cards, just pass the turn and watch them "flatline"

This is not intended to be a serious / competitive deck, and there are a few simple things that hard counter it:

  1. Rezzed ICE - Executive Boot Camp, Accelerated Beta Test, Oversight AI, Eliza's Toybox, and Bioroid Efficiency Research, Surat City Grid will make this deck sad. If there is rezzed ETR ICE on HQ at any point, you have probably lost.

  2. Damage or disruption - if you lose DDoSor more than one Fear the Masses, you will probably lose.

  3. Fast Advance or other fast decks - if the Corp is able to win in ten turns or less without any interference from the runner, you will not have enough time to get your combo off.

Other notes:

  • The only time you should run before Showtime is to kill cards like SanSan City Grid or Eliza's Toybox. Do NOT give the Corp any opportunity to rez ICE on HQ.

  • Let Jackson stay on the board until right before Showtime - he only needs to die before the combo fires, and having him out will encourage the corp to overdraw + discard which makes the Showtime turn easier.

  • Sometimes it is worth to pop Same Old Thing early on Game Day if you have the potential for a huge draw.

  • This deck will likely only work once on any person. They'll be wise to your shenanigans and just score out quickly behind one ETR ICE because they know you don't have breakers.

  • I think that using DDoS and Fear the Masses together is very thematic.

  • Changes I would consider would be to swap one False Echo for a third Astrolabe or Game Day as I've rarely seen the Corp stack ICE on HQ more than three deep. Also considering putting in Levy to rescue combo parts that get killed.

  • After some feedback, this may also work with Hayley and use the extra card slots for All Nighter but this may delay the combo a turn or two, which may be enough for the Corp to win.

11 Jul 2016 Anubis

I don't really get your "Trash any Jackson & Museum of History & Crisium Grid that you are able" and Repeat until corp is decked. If you need to install 3 False Echo that's already 13 clicks for the whole combo of 29 cards milled, what if that's not enough? Am I missing something?

11 Jul 2016 timurleng

You usually don't need to install three False Echo, I've only ever needed to use it once, most Corps won't stack ICE that deep on HQ until a runner starts running. It takes 8 clicks to mill 29 cards, plus one for DDoS, which leaves 4 clicks for False Echo + trashing Crisium / Jackson.

11 Jul 2016 bionicsheep

Jumped into a game with this. Installed leprachaun. Corp immediately put six pieces of ice on HQ.

Decided to plow on. Set up, run through all HQ ice til DDoS is no longer in effect. Final piece of ice before access.


11 Jul 2016 Zodoh

I tried it.
I laughed.
I love it.

This wont work all the time but... hell it is damn fun !

12 Jul 2016 pandaman64

maybe instead of 6 fear the masses, go 3 medium, 3 clone chip? Same influence, but it allows you to dig through bigger piles of ice and makes your combo slightly harder to disrupt. Also would let you replace same old thing with all-nighter.

I'd probably recommend replacing bookmark with sport hopper too, for damage protection and added draw.

12 Jul 2016 timurleng

@pandaman64I could do all that but then it would be a different deck. The point of this deck is to burn down R&D with Fear the Masses, not to be particularly competitive. If you end up trying out those changes, let me know if it works!

17 Jul 2016 0j3t3c4l0r

I just played this on jinteki, and when you trigger everything you start laughing alone at home feelling like the god of milling XD

17 Jul 2016 Alakallanar

@pandaman64 Medium / Fear the Masses are basically to different variants of the same idea. The nice thing is that one variant attacks R&D and one HQ, so if the corp stacks 5+ ice or tries to ABT an ice as defense they have to correctly guess which server to protect this way.

17 Jul 2016 Alakallanar

(And most will guess R&D, since Medium is the older and more common variant.)

17 Jul 2016 timurleng

@Alakallanaryes that was my thinking too. People rarely guard HQ against Shaper, as there is usually a limit as to how much damage an HQ run can do if you keep it clear of agendas. Everyone is worried about Medium / R&D interface, so it's nice that HQ runs let you hit R&D. They never see it coming!

1 Jan 2017 Wolfir

1 mass install will be nice I guess