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Breaking News! It seems I am suffering a Scarcity of Resources in terms of deck list slots, and my Market Research tells me that an Ad Blitz here will help me Fast Track my deck slots back to an acceptable level.

So, while it feels TGTBT, my Rebranding Team's Launch Campaign assures me that their Predictive Algorithm from their Matrix Analyzer tells me that this kind of Targeted Marketing is the best kind of Product Placementwithout using up too much Bandwidth.

See, I really like making decks, and feel that having a Diversified Portfolio of decks available is helpful. I can't be deleting decks for their Midseason Replacements, that just seems cruel. Each of my lists deserves its 15 Minutes, and while none of them are Award Bait, they do not deserve to become just Archived Memories.

So I want to make you, dear reader a Special Offer, An Offer You Can't Refuse - not and Ad Blitz, no Pop-up Windows, Psychographics or Subliminal Messaging, just a simple plea for you to Like, Share and Subscribe to this deck as a show of Public Support, so I can continue to use NetrunnerDB as a Test Ground to Brainstorm future deck ideas.

TL;DR - I'm out of deck slots. I need more. Please like me.

18 Oct 2016 Quarg

It might just be me suffering from an Information Overload, but I have a feeling this is just an amusingTroll.

18 Oct 2016 gozik

I have a feeling this is a bot generated text.

18 Oct 2016 RKruler14


18 Oct 2016 ashtaroth

That Test Ground, with Launch Campaign and Product Placement combo tho!

19 Oct 2016 greylin

Well... If we're selling out completely, wanna go one-for-one? You know you love it.

29 Oct 2016 Snake Eyes

Upvoting to help your cause.

image Plaza

18 Nov 2016 adran06

... How the heck did you manage to make a description using the name of literally every card in your deck? And on a different note, is this deck viable at all? Or is it... dare I say it... a Troll deck?