[Start-up] Dollhouse Kit

Wrecko 396

I tied for 2nd place at the Calgary GNK. This deck didn’t do well but that was due to pilot error, not the deck :)

This deck guide will follow the 10/10/20/5 guide that I read once on NRDB but I can’t find again. Please speak up, if you wrote the deck guide I’m referring to.

10 cards: Deck idea (what is the point of this deck)

Get in and access all the cards. The set-up is minimal so we can challenge remotes and multi-access the centrals right away.

10 cards: Make a functional deck

Hyperbaric is solid for cheaply breaking the first ice and roughly a third of all other ice. Matryoshka is great for dealing with all the other ice in the server. The combination of Matryoshka and Hyperbaric is resistant to Stavka/Hafrún unless they have an ice in front of it, which is not ideal ice placement. If you suspect a buried Stavka, just put Hush on it. No boat, don’t need it and it slows us down.

20 cards: Economy (credits and cards)

Pretty generic shaper economy package. I’m not sure about Professional Contacts. Paricia is for asset spam.

5 cards: Whatever you want

No Free Lunch is to avoid getting murdered. Overclock is useful charging up Hyperbaric and/or dealing with problematic assets.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this Criminal-style Runner.

As always, happy to hear feedback and discuss.

28 Feb 2023 Oddball

Neat deck! What about Stoneship Chart Room in place of Professional Contacts?

1 Mar 2023 Wrecko

@Oddball That's exactly what I was thinking! I'll make the change and see how it feels.