[Startup] CyberSteve on a Boat 1st @ Milano Startup GNK 3-2

cros 226

This is the deck I took to our 14 people Startup GNK in Milan, I decided to take Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter because he is underplayed, the blue cybernetics provide strong abilities and the criminal breaker suite in startup is quite good, Tremolo eats most of the barriers in endgame, Carmen is fine and Cat's Cradle is decent, in the first version I was on good stuff and Pennyshaver but I felt slow and weak to the Stavka-Hafrún combo so why not importing a good Boat?

The deck is quite standard with most of the cards that provide tempo while attacking the corp that can be constantly recycled by our friend Steve.

I found Steelskin Scarring better than Diesel here because it provides protection from combo kill deck and pairs well with the cybernetics suite.

Three No Free Lunch and a couple of Pinhole are tech needed in this Drago meta while Scrubber is very valuable.

Reprise fires rarely but when it does it's a game changer, opening up servers or bouncing back a rezzed SanSan City Grid, it is also a wonderful target for Steve's ability because most of the Corp are too scared of it and they usually give back very good cards instead that would be instead very difficult to recover.

During the day I lost against the perfect maze of a Nanisivik Grid-Precision Design which fired me 12 ETR from Archives in the last turns of the game. I also lost against PE after a terribile mullingan with breakers in hand and no economy or draw engine.

I won against Nanisivik Grid-Thule (quite luckily tbh), Pravdivost and Drago-Reality Plus.

Altogether I'm quite happy with the deck, probably it is not good as Padma or Esâ in Startup right now but being less common can surprise some corp with unexpected plays.