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Mordeqai 1792



Question. Are you sick and tired of all those degenerate corp decks these nerds are making lately? Do you just want those deckbuilders to jump in a fire? Of course you do. Some people just don't have an ounce of respect for the metagame, and we need to show them what's up.

Enter McCaffrey, the long-reigning queen of Shaperdom. Able to summon hate in a matter of an ability window, draw a deck in 10 clicks, and install it all for cheap. The sheer power she brings in raw, unninterrupted credits is unmatched. The tools available to Shaper allow you to spend nearly all your influence on some tight-ass tech, and with the perfect storm, turn you into something of... a prison.

We're going in reverse order on this one, starting with...

The Tech Cards:

  • Feedback Filter. You win IG matchups now.

  • New Angeles City Hall. Not quite as resilient as Feedback, but with an eventual Film Critic on the board, and more credits than the corp (Hatchet Job exists), the only way it's going away is through Millz. Luckily, Shutdown 24/7 combos can't use her, and everything else is a matter of trace.

  • Clot Backed up with 3x Sacrificial Construct, Fast Advance takes a HARD hit. Just be sure to keep it out of your bin.

  • Study Guide. Literally everyone plays like 40 code gates these days.

  • Film Critic. Mostly in here save the late-game NACHs and Sources, this also gets you around Midseasons, TFP, Fetal, and a fair slew of other punishments. Including a 1x may seem rash, but you're going to draw it before it's totally necessary.

  • The Source. Perhaps overkill with Clot, but this final piece solidifies what you want - Having a turn to score an installed agenda. This also makes it much easier to spot agendas, because aside from 2/1s, even never-advance takes a hard hit here.


The Combos:

  • Tapwrm is so critical for this deck to stay alive midgame. You generally want it turn one through SMC, and it's pure gravy from there. Supported by 3x SacCons, you can reliably assume it's going to stay for a while. Just don't ditch them all in FA matchups, save some for Clot. Interestingly, this card also capitalizes on the downside of Peace in Our Time, by constantly closing the gap between your credits and your opponent's. It simply doesn't matter how many credits your opponent has. You just need more.

  • Şifr/Atman 0 can provide you with a reliable way to get past almost any ICE for cheap, and generally stops rush decks from closing out the game.

The Playstyle:

Because you're packing so much tech vs losing in bullshit ways, the only way a corp can reliable try to win is through sheer scoring. And no score matters but the last.

This deck doesn't run until it needs to. You'll run early, once, to get a Tapwrm online through SMC, but beyond that, you're just camping and setting up a massive board. Once the corp is on 5-6 points, get your Clot and Source online, and wait for an attempt. Vamp them to 0, run and steal, then mill them out with Equivocation. By this point, even if they eventually manage to rez something on R&D, your 6+ drip and bank you've stacked should allow you to run 4 times each turn, scoring, trashing, and ultimately bringing the corp to a slow demise.

But say they amass a worthwhile amount of credits after your first vamp. Vamp them again. Then Levy. Then twice more. Between 4 total credit shutdowns, you should get enough scores or mills from Equivocation to carry it to a win.


Troublesome Corps and How To Deal:

  • IG49/54: Same plan vs both. Dig hard for Feedback. Between 8 big draw cards, you should be able to find it before they can arrange their combo/lock. Also, praying helps. 10 Faith may not seem like much, but it's all you got.

  • NBN Shutdown/Boom: Install NACH. Have more money. They don't have a scoring plan strong enough to get past 4 points, and you just clear their board to keep it there. The money is to prevent Hatchet Job from sniping your defenses.

  • CtM: Most CtMs don't threaten score wins fast enough, since that plan is much better suited for its 17-influence counterparts. You can't go around trashing things as easily as in other matchups, but end game, your 4 link will pull you quite a ways. Again, NACH/Film Critic is crucial here to counter non-Identity tags, so start digging. If this is a problem, you can consider dropping the 2 Earthrise Hotel for a 2nd Critic, and 3rd NACH. Money up, Vamp, mill.

  • CI7: 3x SacCon. Clot. Vamp. The Source. You can also just wait around, and if they dip to 5 cards in R&D, whip out Equivocation at instant speed and go win.

In Conclusion:

Make money. Vamp. Win.

The Legend Never Dies.

P.S. I also need to pay homage to Daine, for his original Congress list, which directly created the archetype of Prison Shaper.

2 Feb 2017 IonFox

Maximum upvote for giant dad. Don't tell anyone I levelled Dex. Excellent build, much love.

2 Feb 2017 laneford

Well, what is it?

2 Feb 2017 dmartel

Awesome deck

6 Feb 2017 GeneralCake

Study guide put in a lot of work for my games, Got first in a small store champs with this list :) it felt really good going through double turing like nothing.

8 Feb 2017 rapanui

Yeah, this is the nuts. Will play at my next SC.

8 Feb 2017 Happy Puppy

giants ... Giants ... GIANTS! Funny enough I started my 10th playthrough yesterday inspired by watching the video but went with Havel Set. Then I found this deck thanks to beyoken,

Vamp, tapeworm and Peace in out time, plus drip econ, have all my <3.

8 Feb 2017 AkAnderson

I haven't played the deck yet (I plan on sleeving it up tonight) but I just wanna say I love your style of shaper builds. Really cool and unique.

9 Feb 2017 MikeJS

How vital is Tapwrm? Genuine question. I've tried this list a few times without it, and with The Slums in it's place, and Slums does so much work it's insane.

9 Feb 2017 cwoac

Scarcity of Resources seems a fairly strong counter to this, frankly.

9 Feb 2017 AkAnderson

@MikeJSAfter playing this deck a few times I think Tapwrm is pretty important, especially early. If you really wanted Slums I'd probably switch the Source in that case. Maybe @Mordeqaihas better insight on it, but that's my personal recommendation.

10 Feb 2017 Mordeqai

Agreed with @AkAnderson. Tapwrm is far more important than The Source. I think Slums is a fine override, but it's not necessary. Your wincon in this deck is denying the Corp theirs, and I personally feel as though The Source adds more to the puzzle. Slums just solves problems that the deck already has answers too

12 Feb 2017 Sarmatian

I took this to a game night kit yesterday and won. Only 7 players so not a huge accomplishment, but it was tons of fun to play. I lost once to a Midseason Replacements BOOM! deck. They rushed out too fast and I couldn't find the Film Critic in time. I beat that same player in the finals. He got to 6 by scoring 3 Project Atlas then stalled hardcore because he didn't realize I could pull Clot from the heap. I changed the 2 Earthrise Hotel to Lockpick to passively bump Study Guide. I didn't want to pay the install cost early on for it. I saw lots of Blue Sun: Powering the Future so I think I am changing the Inti to a Snowball also.

@cwoac a couple games Scarcity of Resources came out early. I had enough money as the game progressed supplemented by Magnum Opus that I just paid through it and still won.

16 Feb 2017

Tournament: you play Corp first, then Runner. Opponent goes to 4 points before lock is established - time :-(

21 Feb 2017 Zankoku

Out of curiosity, is net damage out-of-control enough to justify using the more expensive and untutorable Feedback Filter over the limited but cheaper and SMC-able Net Shield? It seems more reliable for dealing with IG Prison, unless you're being forced to look at a bunch of Shock!s in Archives all the time.

24 Feb 2017 Grimwalker

Piloted this to 3rd overall at Dice Dojo on 2/19! Lost to a Railgun because I forgot that it runs Hatchet Job, and I needed to win the money game absolutely.

9 Mar 2017 Happy Puppy

Thanks for making this deck, it's currently my favorite runner deck. The lock is hilarious and oppressive, it's like taking their humanity slowly. Hope you build a corp deck that's similar (not IG).

17 Mar 2017 BloodJoker

Playing the deck i've found getting out Tapwrm early was difficult casue most corps just immediately purged on their turns, and when I'd have it paired with a sac con they'd just purge 2x in a row. Any advice?

17 Mar 2017

@BloodJoker purging 2 turns in a row = 6 clicks for the corp. I could live with that.

17 Mar 2017 Mordeqai

@Happy Puppy lol you should not go through my other decks then.

@BloodJoker I honestly should've delved a little more into this situation in my post. Your Tapwrm timing is pretty dependant on the Corp you're facing, so against corps that can afford their lost turns, just wait until you have 2 sac con out (And you'll find the 3rd + Levy in time). Alternatively, you can go to more Clone Chips over Sifr or Source.

17 Mar 2017 BloodJoker

I've found myself usually grabbing mopus for the guaranteed money so I can set up in time, what do you think about running 3x Peace in Our Time? The games I've had it in the first 3 to 4 turns were skewed much more in my favor.

18 Mar 2017 Mordeqai

@BloodJoker Oh yeah, I've gone up to 3 and 1 Sifr in current iterations of this list.

16 Jul 2017 IonFox

Hey It's been a long while and I know this is some decklist necromancy and no one may ever see this, but with Na'Not'K spoiled in Free Mars, do you think this list would be viable again? By dropping 1 Sifr and swapping out shrike, the influence fits into the new MWL.

The only issue I can really foresee is that I'm not sure how this beats AgInfusion. Without Employee Strike, the can just hold a piece of unrezzed ICE over HQ to deflect vamp attempts. What are your thoughts?

P.S. If you publish a new version of this list, yo have to call it: