Olympic Moon Swimming [3rd @ American Continentals]

lukifer 990

Astronaut Kiddie Pool

Fast-Advance / Rush Sports, using Bass CH1R180G4 and Moon Pool to score from hand, with Giordano Memorial Field as a late-game backup. Initially conceived as a counter to a Deep Dive and sabotage meta; not sure if it's as good as Audacity builds against Lat, but the Field can provide strong Stargate protection, or a pivot against Clot-lock.

  • Our ICE folds quickly to Boomerang, Botulus and Boat. It's just there to slow down the Runner; we want them to get accesses anyway.

  • RLC-ing a fast-advance tool is the best way to ensure a score, but rushing them behind ICE or spamming them on the table also works well.

  • Power-drawing is vital for tempo and tools. Always fire Superconducting Hub, rush one early if you can; we need plenty of combo tools and agendas to shuffle back to Moon Pool, and 7+ hand size is great tech against Lat. Occasionally you can also target Spin with Bifurcation for a couple free cards.

  • There are ways to score the Food (never-advance + RLC-Moon is a good one), but usually you'll score out with 1-pointers, plus Megaprix and Luminal.

The archetype is fun and flexible, but still needs refining. Even with 15 agendas, it can sometimes be surprisingly difficult to find one or two extra to feed to Moon Pool.

  • 3x Vitruvius might better than 2x Food, but I'm on the fence: we lose to runners scoring 2-pointers.

  • Moon Pool tricks are fun, and they synergize with Fast Break, but it's probably worth cutting 1x for an Audacity to close out (we also run lean on economy)

  • While Hagen can have some brutal hits early game, it's a little pricy, and might be better as a third Field. I'm finding a naked Field can be a surprisingly effective scoring plan late game (if not hosting an agenda, than hosting a fast-advance tool, making the runner pay 8+ for the privilege of trashing it).

...what's the opposite of a deep dive?

29 Aug 2022 Diogene

I saw Meridian and immediately like it!

I've never thought about Moon Pool, this seems great, I'll try it for sure.

Question, what do you think of using Reverse Infection instead of Mavirus (maybe not as 1x)? I've been experimenting with it for good results, since it is a 1 purge or 2.

Congrats to you for the good results you got and thanks for sharing!

29 Aug 2022 is44ru

With RLC, Mavirus can be install with the Agenda you're Fast Advancing the same turn. You can't do that with Reverse Infection.

29 Aug 2022 lukifer

@Diogene Thanks! I'm actually leaning towards cutting Mavirus, and relying solely on Lockdown (and never-advancing on Field) to play around Clot. That frees up an influence to change 3rd Moon Pool into Audacity, and a slot for a 3rd Field, or maybe a Biotic Labor.