Miracle Gro (4th EC Canadian Nats)

vazmanian_devil 49

This got me into top 4 at Canadian EC Nats, but there are definitely changes I would make.

I had a fun combo with Buffer Drive (which often would give value when I got my Audrey up) + Gachapon to bring out Clot instant-speed in emergencies. I could also use BD to bring out Contaminate when locked out or Mad Dash if I Imped out an agenda for a value archives run. Solidarity was dope as heck for consistent card draw once Audrey was up.

S-Dobrado was worth to charge Audrey. I would add more Pinhole in the current meta. I would even consider splashing Asmund for more consistency and maybe a couple of Liberated. The Price was considered but I have too many events for it to make sense at the moment.

30 Aug 2023 Davidmc7

Nice build! I love playing Loup. I think Turtle is still better than Audrey but keen to give it a spin. Might swap the Dobrados with a Consume and another Pinhole.